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Here’s My Make-Me-Look Better Beauty Secrets

    Feeling the pull towards a youthful glow from anti-aging products? I'm sharing my beauty secrets for an easy to manage makeup, skincare and hair routine.

    Let’s begin by saying that I’m in no way, shape or form a woman with top shelf beauty secrets. In fact, I’m pretty low maintenance as I don’t spend a ton of time in my skincare, hair and makeup routine!

    Wardrobe ruts are a real thing that plague many women. Read on to learn how to make mix and match outfits so you always have something to wear

    For years I went barefaced because the natural look was easier, and felt more aligned with my casual vibe. Rarely, did I invest much in the way of products and application time.

    But as I aged, it became clear that more attention must be paid if I want to keep my appearance from falling to the floor. And as promises of a youthful glow kept making their way into my need-it-now box, I ramped up my research on the latest beauty tips and tricks. And picked the brain of every make up artist who worked alongside me on commercials and photo shoots.

    In response to a request in my private facebook communityhere’s a round-up of what’s been working in my beauty routine.

    Click play on the video to see the products I love and use.

    And read on for more recommendations.

    My face, but better…

    This was the marketing promise that lured me into the world of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. While a make up free look was me for years, this shiny tube got me to switch things up, and quickly qualified as an everyday essential. Once it starts to run low, I order a replacement because I do not leave home without wearing this wonder lotion. (I always apply with beauty blender knockoff, Real Techniques sponge, for an extra smooth finish.)

    The hard stuff…

    For years I wrestled with using prescription strength Retin A. The toxicity freaked me out, but the results sold me – this stuff works! I’ve been on the lowest dosage without any increase because…why mess with success? Sometimes I skip a night or two, especially during the summer and the contraindication with the sun. If you’re considering this product, know that you must build up to daily use. Your face may become red or dry in the process.

    Smooth like butter…

    I encourage you to hop aboard the serum train! Not only do they feel amazing when they glide on (so smooth like butter!), they deliver a whole host of added benefits.  Vitamin c+e ferulic, and CoQ10 are what’s in my rotation right now. And I recently added Matrixyl synthe’6 into my nightime mix.

    For the perfect mess on my head

    Although the spray release on The Kicker Finishing Spray is a little awkward, I deal with it for the piece-y goodness it puts on my hair. The coat it provides weighs down my over-puffed locks, and allows me to twist, curl and scrunch as I please. It may be too greasy for some.

    Easy + natural…

    Most clean beauty sites talk about the high levels of lead in lipstick. But that’s not the reason I don’t use it. As said, I’m low maintenance, and doing a whole lip liner and lipstick thing takes time. The Fresh Sugar tinted lip balm, however, does not. It’s a double duty delight that moisturizes and provides a pretty finish.

    Some shimmer…

    As a get up and go girl, the Velvet Shadow stick by Nars has been a game changer! It’s so easy to apply, and makes a major impact on my face. I was trying to read which color I use, but it’s too tiny for my aging eyes to read. It’s a gold-ish tint. And they have a bunch of shades to choose from.

    For the sun…

    I wish I had a good sunscreen to recommend because I know how important this is to wear everyday. Right now I just use the SPA that’s in the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, but I realize it’s not enough. If I’ll be in the sun a lot (not really the case during Fall / Winter) I use this. But it’s not perfect as it still leaves a white residue on my skin that I must matte out with powder.

    If you have sunscreen you love please share with me in the comments!

    Also, since I’m no expert, I take time every season to have a sit down at the beauty counter for an update. Last season it was with Nars, and before that it was at Space NK. I just go in and mention my need for a low maintenance routine. They always hook me up with the right shades and products that make me feel pretty.

    Checkout this post where I spoke to a pro makeup artist who shared ageless beauty tips.

    What’s the beauty product you love and rely on everyday?

    Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links which means at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

    6 thoughts on “Here’s My Make-Me-Look Better Beauty Secrets”

    1. Mindy Berkower

      Elta MD UV Clear Broad spectrum SPF 46 Tinted Sunscreen

    2. I’m a fan of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer too! You can count on it . . . and not at all heavy.

    3. Pamela Goldman

      I just bought Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Nude….as you suggested, Elysha….so excited to get it in a few days!!!

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