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How To Make The Midi Skirt Look Great On Your Body Shape

    Get the style tips on how to flatter your body shape in the midi skirt so you always look amazing and feel current in what you wear.

    Wanna learn how to bring the latest must-haves into your style so they fit and flatter you best? Well, that’s what’s happening here with the new series, and today it’s how to wear the midi skirt!

    Each month, I’ll take a trend and break it down with my stylist tips and explain how to wear it so you’ll nail the new look with confidence and ease.

    Consider this your monthly style forecast! I’ll deliver the details to help you navigate the world of fashion to look current, feel amazing, and know how to dress yourself right.

    Get the style tips on how to flatter your body shape in the midi skirt so you always look amazing and feel current in what you wear.

    Let’s begin by learning how to style your shape in the midi skirt.

    The midi skirt is the rebrand of the tea length dresses from yesteryear. Remember Marilyn Monroe’s white dress moment from The 7 Year Itch?

    It’s this.

    Now the style is more modern. It comes in a range of hemlines making it easier to wear for all shapes and sizes. Petites will opt for a below the knee variation while taller women will have the hemline sit mid calf.

    To find the right version for you, click play on the video.

    And read on for more stylist tips!

    Style Your Shape In The Midi Skirt

    Let’s go through the different body shapes to see how each one will wear the midi skirt best.

    (Click the image to shop the skirt.)


    Inverted Triangle

    Zebra Print Pleated Midi Wrap Skirt, Main, color, BLACK MULTIZebra Print Pleated Midi Wrap Skirt, Main, color, BLACK MULTI (4) Zebra Print Pleated Midi Wrap Skirt


    As an inverted triangle, you’re larger on top than on the bottom.

    Look for patterns, pleats, bold color, playful patterns and anything that is eye catching on your skit.

    Pair with a simple top and standout shoes to complete the look.



    If you have a triangle shape, your bottom is larger than your top.

    A-line silhouettes that drape along your curves will always flatter.

    Make sure to highlight your waist with a belt, and add details around your neck and face.



    Previous/Next Houndstooth skirt


    The rectangle shape has a similar size in the shoulders and hips with no definition in the waist.

    Break up your straight lines with asymmetrical details on your skirt.

    And tuck in your loose sweater to create a smaller waist.


    Velvet Faux Wrap Dress with Flutter Sleeve


    If you have a circle shape then your middle is larger than your hips and bust.

    To keep a longer silhouette, opt for a midi dress that’s belted at the smallest point of your waist; usually the top of your natural waist.

    Always show off your cleavage, arms and legs!




    As an hourglass your hips and bust measure the same, and your waist is defined.

    You don’t have to go all body con like the guidelines always suggest.

    Instead, play with proportions. Choose soft and cozy on top with straight and structured on the bottom.

    Accentuate your waist with a belt.



    If you’re 5’3″ or under, you’re petite.

    Try sheer layers to fill the illusion of a longer length that won’t overpower your small frame.


    Asymmetrical Button Midi Skirt

    Are you over 5’7″? Then you’re tall.

    You have the most flexibility with this trend.

    Consider a hem that’s at the slimmest part of your calf.

    And wear a slit that shows off your lovely gams!


    As always, wearing the trend with confidence is key. That means determine how you’ll wear it, experiment with the appropriate styles, then rock the look like the style star you are!

    Still wondering what is my body shape? Click here to figure it out.

    How will you wear the midi skirt?

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