Soccer Mom Style: Winning From The Sidelines

Soccer Mom Style: Winning From The Sidelines

Image: Walter Pfeiffer for Self Service

Image: Walter Pfeiffer for Self Service

Soccer Mom has never been noted for her eye catching style. From the Mom jeans with Keds sneakers to the workout-wear worn all day, this woman gets a bad rap!

But the truth is after spending each afternoon schlepping the kids to and from practice, and then waking up at the crack of dawn for Saturday games…she just wants to be comfortable!

After clocking in years on the soccer field– subjected to crazy winds and unreasonable temps– I’ve finally figured out how to dress the part to score high on comfort, and stay within tasteful bounds. Basically, it comes down to a few key pieces.

To look good and feel even better, Soccer Moms — you need these:

A Great Jacket


Zara Floral Bomber

Standing around on the sidelines doesn’t conjure up much body heat (it gets Effing freezing!) so a solid piece of outerwear is nonnegotiable. I’m minutes from purchasing this floral bomber which will work well for another month (possibly longer when adequately layered underneath), but eventually the brisk winds will require me to break out the big guns — something like this.

A Cozy Sweater


All Saints Reya Cardigan

This is the layer you don’t want to be without! It’s the blank-y that’ll not only bulk you up, it’ll give a sense of security when your team is down.

A Killer Pair of Sneakers


Christian Louboutin Strass-Embellished Louis Woman Flat Sneakers

Ok, perhaps these are a bit OTT (they’re over 2k!), but an awesome pair of sneakers lets everyone know that you’ve got game.

A Cool Carry-All


Liebeskind Berlin Fabala Tote

So you’ve got the outfit rockin’ — you’re looking and feeling fab…just don’t forget you’re still Mom AKA the keeper of everyone’s stuff–water bottles, snacks, extra shoes etc…Make sure your bag is roomy and streamlined at the same time, like this.

Got any tips to keep you looking and feeling awesome on the sidelines?

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Elysha Lenkin
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  1. girlgatheringwisdom says:

    Thank you, Elysha! I am definitely going shopping online to check out the items you suggested. I will probably purchase a couple of the items. They will be quite useful weather or not one is a soccer mom.

  2. I think you’re right, GGW — these pieces would work for anyone…soccer mom or not. Thank you for pointing that out!

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