The Truth On Dressing Body Types

The Truth On Dressing Body Types

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Do you know about body types? It’s that thing where you break down your body into a shape — like rectangle, circle, triangle, inverted triangle or hourglass. It’s based on where you carry most of your weight. And it’s designed to make you look better in your clothes.

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I’ve been a stylist for 25 years, and I never relied on body types or guidelines to help me get someone dressed. When styling a shoot, if an outfit didn’t look right, I’d figure out how to make it look better based on a feeling. Putting together good outfits has always come naturally to me.

Real Women With Real Bodies

It wasn’t until I started working with real women that I realized it’s not like this for everyone. Figuring out what looks good doesn’t come naturally to all women.

Real women with real bodies often struggle with their style! And when I started working privately with clients it became clear that there’s this population of successful women who feel inadequate every time they put an outfit together.

I never got the dressing lessons,” said a client of mine.

So as my focus shifted away from commercial shoots to helping real women look and feel INCREDIBLE in their clothes, I realized that having guidelines around getting dressed could help. That’s when I studied up on the body types.

Guidelines To Get Started

If you want to be a painter, staring at the big white canvas could feel intimidating when you don’t know how to paint. This impacts your confidence, and your ability to get started. The canvas stays blank.

Now imagine that instead of a blank canvas, there were a few lines drawn in. This provides a simple outline of the design you’d like to create. Then it doesn’t feel so intimidating to start painting. So you paint some more. And you begin to develop your painting skills which eventually develops your artistry which leads into creating your style.

You may then decide that you don’t want those initial guidelines anymore. Or you may decide that you like how they look so you keep them there.

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Dressing Body Types Is A Choice

If you’re not sure what looks good, or how to dress, understanding these guidelines may be useful to get you going. As you become more confident, you find the freedom to take creative liberties. Your style becomes your self expression. That’s when you decide if you want to keep using the guidelines. Or let them go, and do your own thing.

If you struggle with getting dressed because you have no idea what’s right for you, I can help! Join me for a complimentary style clarity call and we will discuss why you’re not feeling confident in your clothes and what you can do to know how to dress your best.

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