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Why Your Clothes Are Not Quite Right

    Do you ever look in your closet and think your clothes are not quite right? Maybe you’ve got a bunch of stuff that you don’t love (or even like!) Or maybe nothing fits well. Either way, you realize that your style isn’t YOU. And you often feel like you have nothing to wear.

    When this occurs, it’s a sobering reality that often leads to the question HOW did this happen? How did I end up with a bunch of clothes I don’t want to wear anymore? And more importantly, what do I do now?

    Here’s the deal: The cause of your current situation can be traced back to your shopping habits. That’s why I’m sharing how to shift the way you shop so you end up with clothes you’ll wear on repeat.

    Why your clothes aren't quite right for you

    Two Types of Women

    Having spent three decades as a stylist, closely working with women, I’ve discovered that when it comes to shopping, there are two types: those who love it and those who hate it. But regardless of which camp they fall into, it’s the same reason that they don’t like their clothes!

    For instance, one of my clients — who hates shopping — told me that she frequently feels like, “I need to buy something now!” It could be because she has an event coming up and doesn’t think she has anything appropriate to wear.  But also, her clothes don’t excite her. Every time she opens her closet she feels disappointed. She never has the right clothes!

    So she panic-shops. She goes out and gets something quickly, but then finds herself back where she started…feeling like she has to buy something new!

    I love shopping, but I too have ended up with clothes that aren’t right. 

    Click play to watch the video where I share about a time I ended up in a panic-shop.

    Why Your Clothes Aren’t Right

    Whether you love shopping or hate it, the reason you don’t have the right clothes is because you settle. Maybe you’re a panic shopper who doesn’t give herself enough time to make thoughtful choices. Or you may fall prey to the sales and can’t resist a good deal.

    Both these approaches are short term fixes. They don’t consider your overall style and wardrobe needs. Building a wardrobe you love takes time. Ironically, many of us feel we don’t have that time to spare. Yet, when we shop impulsively, we end up with a bunch of clothes that aren’t right which causes us to spend more time getting dressed.

    Building A Wardrobe You Love

    To break the cycle of settling for clothes you won’t wear, you need to know what to wear! This means taking time to think about your personal style — what you love + what looks good and what suits you now.

    Once you have this understanding, the next step is straightforward: don’t settle for anything less!

    If you’re dealing with a bunch of clothes that don’t do it for you, I can help. Together, we’ll pare down your wardrobe and then rebuild with what’s right for your style. Book a complimentary call and let’s discuss getting you into your best clothes!

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