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Outfitting Her Leadership Style

    “Body, why can’t you just be the size you were 20 years ago, when clothes fit better and I felt better about myself? Why do you have to be this middle aged body?”

    That was my client Mo Faul’s inner dialogue before we first started working together. She had always seen her body as something she had to fight against.

    Clothes just weren’t her thing!

    Here’s the twist: if you saw Mo back then you would’ve thought she had her act together. A former c-suite healthcare executive turned entrepreneurial career coach, she looked the part of a successful woman. Her leadership style was on point. But she never felt confident with what she put on. It was always a crapshoot.

    I had to face the fact that this was an area of incompetency for me. I don’t like that. I’m a very competent—get shit done—save the world type of person. You can’t give me a challenge that I can’t do. But this was an area of incompetency. And although people who know me were always telling me I look nice. I didn’t feel that way inside. I felt insecure and very vulnerable and kind of like a jerk in what I was wearing. I felt uncomfortable.”

    Leadership Style With Clothes To Match

    Mo and I have been working together for 4 years, and we have used my 6th Sense Styling System to help her get dressed with confidence and create closet competence. During that time, she has rebuilt her wardrobe so that she is comfortable in what she wears and her clothes really match who she is.

    But as you probably know, insecurities don’t disappear forever. Even the most successful women still have moments of self doubt.

    Mo knows this. That’s why she still brings me in to help with her events and video shoots.

    Here’s what she said about having me help her prepare for a weekend retreat that she would be leading:

    One of the things Elysha knows about me is that I’m insecure with how I look in clothes. But she was able to help me find the clothes I feel comfortable in, and the clothes that fit the occasion so I didn’t have to focus on what I was wearing and whether it looked good. Instead of having all that self doubt I was just ready to go and serve my clients and be present.

    It felt so free.

    Which is how I naturally roll, but sometimes at an event, it’s easy for me to feel more self conscious which is not an energetic vibration I want to live in at all. It is so distracting and it moves me away from my power. Just having the right clothes and the person who can consult with me on what I’m wearing has been a game changer for me to be free to do my work.”

    Tuning Into The Right Look For An Enhanced Leadership Style

    If you’re getting stuck in that low grade energy of self consciousness about how you look, click play on the video below to hear how Mo went from feeling insecure about what she wore to tuning into the right look so that she is always tuned into the best version of herself.

    And if you’re ready for your own style upgrade, let’s talk!

    Click here to book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss how I’ll help you tune into your most complimentary style so that you don’t feel self conscious about how you look.

    Go here to hear Mo share why she decided not to wait until she lost 20 or 30 lbs before upgrading her personal style.

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