How To Feel More Confident In A Bathing Suit

How To Feel More Confident In A Bathing Suit

Could you use a boost in body confidence when wearing your bathing suit? Or does the prospect of putting on your swimsuit stress you out? I can relate. And so can many others…most women could use a boost in body confidence! Particularly when it’s swimsuit season.

And while you can certainly find cute coverups or other beach-y attire to wear instead of a swimsuit, you shouldn’t feel like you have to cover up. Learning to be more comfortable in your skin is something we can all achieve. It’s a process, for sure. And in my next video I get into this process (as I actually wear my swimsuit!) by sharing tips on how you can get more comfortable in your bathing suit to boost body confidence.

Some of the tips are super simple, things you can implement immediately such as making sure to find the right fit for your figure and standing up taller to have better posture. But some of my suggestions require more of a lifestyle change like eating better overall. So this means cutting out the crap and making healthier choices. I also suggest to exercise regularly because once you start working out on a consistent basis, you will become more connected to your body, and more accepting of the way it looks and feels. And lastly, I ask that you stop comparing. This is a total energy suck that will fast track your head into a negative zone. When we look at other people’s highlight reels on social media, it’s not an accurate representation of their real lives. So if you seek to feel more confident in your bathing suit (and in your life!), get out of the comparison game!

Click play to watch the video, and then let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I agree, it’s hard to feel good in a bathing suit sometimes–especially if you are older like over 50+ So finding the right suit is the first thing you should do. There are so many great ones out there that are like a one piece, but are actually two pieces. They are swimming shorts with a top that you can buy separately. Works great even in the ocean. I love swimming and I just refuse to let how I look in a bathing suit or even shorts to keep me from enjoying the summer. My mother stopped wearing a bathing suite or even shorts when she got older and I remember thinking how sad. It starts with learning to accept ourselves at all ages, and saying, “The hell with it! I’m going swimming.”

  2. You have such a great attitude, Michele. And I love how you point out that it starts with learning to accept ourselves at all ages. I think it’s an ongoing process. Thank you!

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