Holistic Fitness Review: Intentional Workout To Raise Your Energy And Boost Your Mood

Holistic Fitness Review: Intentional Workout To Raise Your Energy And Boost Your Mood

If you want to make lasting change in your life, working out your body isn’t enough. You need to incorporate a mindset that facilitates this change to happen because too often, it’s the negative self talk inside our heads that holds us back. So when I discovered this intentional workout by Shrink Session that incorporates affirmations with cardio exercise, I was intrigued.


Erin Stutland, creator of Shrink Session, has designed a 5 in 5 challenge to help kickstart your exercise routine to help you move into a better place in your life. She’s all about making change, and believes that by working out the mind and body with exercise and mantra, this change can happen.

The 5 in 5 challenge is an email opt-in that you sign up for from Erin’s site which is exactly what I did. And after going through the 5 days, I felt positive about the results. Now obviously 5 minutes isn’t really a workout. (It’s not enough time!) But it is perfect if you have a crazy busy day, and know you can’t squeeze in your workout. Five minutes will make a difference! For me, I noticed a little sweat, my heart rate increased, but most importantly I got a serious mood boost which is exactly what set me right for the rest of the day. Also, this could be used as a warm up for your regular exercise routine; the cardio and affirmations of this intentional workout will motivate you to work hard.

Here’s my video review of the intentional workout from Day 1 of the 5 in 5 challenge with Erin Stutland from Shrink Session.

Click play!

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  1. Cool! I should really try this.

  2. It’s only 5 minutes!

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