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Bottoms Up (And Other Ways To Say It)

    jane fonda

    There’s a ton of talk about the ass these days. With Miley Cyrus and her OTT twerking, she’s literally putting her ass up front and center. I happen to be someone who thinks a lot about my ass (mind, body connection–remember!) And spending so much time around yoga and exercise — it’s something I come into contact with regularly. But what’s the best way to name it?

    Personally, I’m not offended when a yoga teacher refers to the ass. Some may find it crass. Or inappropriate. But hey, it’s not bleeped on TV! It’s all about the context. Lift your ass up to your knees sounds a lot different than wow, she really has a giant stick up her ass. The latter of course, not being a very yogic way of speaking. Regardless, I’m okay with the ass.

    I am, however, very uncomfortable, with the buttocks. There’s definitely a type of teacher who uses this one. (Is it a studio rule? We only speak of the buttocks here! — which reminds me of the stick/ass reference from above.)ย  Many yoga teachers avoid the whole thing by referring to the tailbone. Though still somewhat scientific, I can relate a lot easier to this. Tell me to release my tailbone — done. Tell me to lower my buttocks down to the earth. I’m like, oh jeezus.

    In the gym or those heavy duty workout classes – I think it’s called the glutes. It has its moment in squats and lunges, and definitely holds a no pain, no gain stature. Glutes often achieve a gym-tastic look –taut, toned and totally muscular.

    At home, we call it a tush. Or tushy. It doesn’t get much softer and sweeter than this. Though M & G seem to be moving their tushes away from this name, and refer to it as the butt around their friends.

    I like the butt. It’s short. Simple. And has stood the test of time. It seems to carry the least amount of resistance.

    Across the pond, I believe it’s called the bum which sounds lovely, and makes me want to squeeze it into a sentence with cheerio. Or mate.

    Finally we come to the bottom. The good, old bottom– it’s sturdy, solid and perfectly capable of standing on its own.

    What do you think it should be called in exercise or yoga?

    12 thoughts on “Bottoms Up (And Other Ways To Say It)”

    1. Lol yoga tailbone works I think more about what I need to do Gym? Glutes

      I do like the term bum. It’s cute. Look at that tight bum! Yum! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    2. lothlauraien

      My teachers in Spain said ‘gluteus’ in cute Spanish and Italian accents. It always made me smile. Buttocks is wrong!

    3. One of my instructors, a Brazilian woman, says “bum-cheeks” … it’s kinda cute, especially with her accent.

    4. Butt and buttocks do sound wrong. I like rear and rear-end. Tush is kind of fun, too.

    5. I’ve never heard that one! I bet the Brazilians have lots of names for it! I once heard it called a bum-bum mixed in a sentence of Portuguese.

    6. viewpacific

      I usually find something to say. This time – bottom line: what more can I add? Great comments!
      Oh, p.s. I like the way you found a way to rhyme with crass, even though I admit that on that I’d take a pass, or go lay in the grass, or reach an impasse…

    7. HA! I had to go back and re-read the post because I didn’t even realize I had made the rhyme! I try not to put in too much sass ๐Ÿ™‚

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