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Fun Ways To Wear A Cardigan Sweater

    One of my favorite things to do when I buy something new is figure out how to wear it in multiple ways. Recently, I purchased a new cardigan sweater. Once I got it home, I put it together into new outfits to see what I could come up. And that’s what I’m sharing in this style tutorial.

    Click play to watch the video for fun ways to wear a cardigan sweater!

    And read on for more stylist tips!

    Why A Cardigan Sweater?

    The biggest reason to wear a cardigan sweater is to add a final touch or third element to your outfit. It’s the perfect item to serve as a completer piece! But if you’ve been with me for some time then you already know that I prefer to do things differently, and the obvious option is rarely my favorite choice. That’s why I’ve been wearing my cardigan without anything underneath. So it acts like a v-neck (or crew neck) sweater. Sometimes I’ll layer a camisole underneath as a protective piece from the knit fabric — to help catch sweat and act as a shield. But in this situation the camisole will be super low cut so it’s hidden from view.

    Buttoned Up

    Another thing to pay attention to with your cardigans is how you button it. Depending on your body shape, you’ll want to use the buttons to highlight or downplay certain areas. For example, one buttoned up top creates an inverted triangle which will draw the eye to the lower body. If you’re looking to downplay this area of your body, you wouldn’t want to button up like this. One button in the middle creates a more feminine shape. This is a great strategy if you want to highlight your waist.

    To see examples of fun ways to wear your cardigan, be sure to watch the video. I give examples using my own wardrobe so you’ll see how to do something similar with what you own.

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    It’ll show you how to put together a new outfit using clothes you already own!

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