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How I Shop My Closet To Outfit Plan For The Week

    Put together new outfits with what you own text overlay image.

    I’ve always loved to shop my closet because it not only helps put together new looks, it shows me what’s working in my wardrobe and what isn’t. It’s part outfit planning session, and part closet clear out. When you put the time in to go through your clothes, you’ll end up with a bunch of new outfits, a pile to donate and a shopping list of what you need to complete your wardrobe. 

    How to shop your closet and find amazing outfits.

    Watch the video where I take you through my stylist practice so you see how to make outfits with what you own while culling your closet at the same time.

    And read on for more stylist advice!

    Outfit Plan To Always Look Great

    Outfit planning can be your secret weapon. When you invest the time up front, you’re ready to go with the right clothes no matter how busy you get later in the week. It’s similar to meal planning. If you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s going to be more effective when you organize your meals on Sunday. This way, when you’re hungry and rushed on Wednesday, you won’t eat the first piece of junk food that comes your way. But instead you’ll have your healthy meals all figured out and ready to go. Give yourself an hour over the weekend to work through your clothes, and you’ll show up looking put together for the rest of the week. 

    Put together new outfits with what you own text overlay image.

    This Is How I Shop My Closet

    Find Your Go-Tos

    Pull out the pieces in your closet that you know work. These are the items in your closet that always give you confidence. Sometimes we forget that we love certain items because for whatever reason we stop wearing them. That’s why this step is about trying on your favorite pieces so you have a current collection of garments that you know work. You may discover that one of your past go-tos no longer feels good. This is what happened to me. I had a pair of favorite black jeans that I’d forgotten about. When I put them on again they felt too snug – not good! This is an example of how closet shopping can turn into closet clearing. Sadly, those black jeans must go.  (Click here for more on how to use go-to outfits to get dressed with more eased.)

    Mix and Match Your Favorites

    Once you’ve got your go-tos accounted for, mix them up. If one of your favorite items is a floral blouse, can you start wearing it with your favorite camouflage pants? (Clearly those are examples from my closet, but what do you have that you love and have never tried wearing together?) You’ll want to get experimental here. But since you’re working with your favorite items, there’s a good chance you’ll find a new combination just by trying the two pieces together. 

    Also, during this step you may discover that your outfit is missing an item to make it work. That’s when you’ll start your shopping list so the next time you’re in the stores you’ll know what to look for. I had a favorite skirt I wore with a favorite summer top. But once the weather got cold the skirt was missing a proper top. I added that missing top to my shopping list, and eventually found a black sweatshirt. It became the perfect match for the orphaned skirt. 

    Bring In Something New

    After you’ve put your favorite pieces together, it’s time to try new items that’s you haven’t worn in awhile. Continue to work with your favorite items, but bring in something from the back of your closet to go with it. Find the pieces that have been hanging there unattended for a long time. Then try them with your favorites. I had a silky blouse that I loved wearing, and decided to pair it with my red silk pants that I hadn’t worn in ages. The combo was definitely a lounge-y relaxed look (silk + silk) but it felt fun and inspiring as I’d never worn the two together before. 

    Closet shopping follows the same principle as any type of outfit planning in that you’ll want to complete your looks with the final pieces. I’m a huge fan of jackets and blazers as they always add a polished finish. For my silky outfit, I added in a blazer that added a sharp touch, and made me feel complete.

    Before buying anything new, shop your closet! It’ll help you figure out what to wear this week, what to get rid of that no longer looks and good, and what you need to round out your closet.

    Have you tried closet shopping for new looks?

    If you need help closet shopping, checkout my FREE STYLE GUIDE, 7 Steps To An Incredible Outfit. In this guide, I show how to put together a fresh outfit from your old clothes so you reinvigorate your style with a boost of creativity and fun.


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    1. Thank you for this! Outfit planning for a week is a great way to save time and take advantage of a wave of creativity. It also helps me to make sure I am getting use out of all the pieces in my closet

    2. Cathy Ogi

      thank you for again talking about a pattern with a pattern. AND for making it so clear as to something that you love may sometimes not be the same anymore.

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