OOTD Solutions! Easy Fix For When Your Outfit Feels Wrong

OOTD Solutions! Easy Fix For When Your Outfit Feels Wrong

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As I was putting together my OOTD (outfit of the day) recently, I ran into a major styling issue. At first everything seemed to come together fine. I knew how I wanted to present. I’d chosen comfortable garments. The colors were blending nicely. But then I hit a snag. The struggle was real as I couldn’t figure out how to finish the look.

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When Your OOTD Isn’t Working

It happens to all of us. You’re in the throes of getting dressed and then you hit a wall. Nothing seems to come together in the way you want. Maybe it’s the final piece that you can’t figure out. Or perhaps it’s the shoes (so often the case with me!). Whatever it is, your outfit isn’t working. And it’s frustrating!

The Overarching Issue 

One of the first things you must do when getting dressed is to think about the practicalities of your day – where do you have to go and what’s the weather. Well, on this particular day the weather was unseasonably warm. And it confused my outfit planning! I wanted to feel seasonable. But I also didn’t want to be a sweaty mess. So the first issue was figuring out what to wear that’s current but also comfortable. The weather so often throws a wrench in our outfits, but it’s important to honor its overarching presence as it really can impact your comfort level during the day. Always check the temps before getting dressed and plan your outfit accordingly.

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Getting An Incomplete

Once I’d decided which garment would keep me comfortable during the day, the look was incomplete. I needed to find my final touch. And this is where my next issue showed up. If you’re unhappy with your outfit, make sure to bring in your cherry on top, or 3rd piece. It makes a huge difference when you want your outfit to feel finished. And don’t just try cardigans or blazers. Experiment with button down shirts which can serve the same purpose as a jacket, but they feel more accessible and easier to move in.

The Shoe Struggle

I know I’m not alone when I say that shoes can be a real problem. The other day I worked with a client who complained of the same thing. She told me that putting together her outfit goes smooth until she gets to the shoes. Then the whole thing falls apart. 

This is exactly what happened to me as I was getting dressed. I’d found a good base that worked with the weather. I brought in the 3rd piece to finish the look. And then when I needed shoes I got stuck. Nothing seemed to work! So I got creative and played around with some options — like tights and socks — to add new dimensions to the shoe situation.

🔝Click play🔝to watch the video where I share how to overcome your outfit issues with some simple styling know-how and creativity. I also take you through my stylist practice so you can see first hand how I got my outfit together when the circumstances made it difficult.

Which part of putting together your OOTD do you struggle with most?

Elysha Lenkin
I help women feel like superstars in their clothes.


  1. Leslie Berkower says:

    I really enjoyed watching you go through the process of putting together this look which ended up looking great The only thing that confused me was seeing you go from the “sweet” pink sweater to the pink shirt. Granted, the shirt looked edgier than the sweater but was still the sweet pink color. Fine with me, I love the combo. Just curious if the color worked because the piece itself wasn’t “sweet”? 😍

  2. Hi Leslie! I love how you noticed that the shirt didn’t feel “sweet” which could be the reason for me choosing it over the cardigan. But also, it’s not pink! I guess it looks pink in the video, but the shirt is actually red in person. Hope you’re well xx

  3. Leslie Berkower says:

    😊 it looked pink in the video.

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