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How To Tell If You Made A Smart Style Purchase

    Most women who come to me for help are stuck in a style rut. They feel like they’re wearing the same thing every day, and they’re not sure how to mix it up. It’s actually a really common problem – did you know that 80% of the clothes in the average woman’s wardrobe go unworn? That’s a lot! So, what’s causing this issue? Often it begins with what they purchase. Women are buying stuff they don’t wear, and this results in a rut. Let me share two examples and see if you can relate to either of them.

    Style Rut Variation #1: On Sale Syndrome

    Picture this: you’re on your way home from work. You stop at the mall and make your way to Ann Taylor (or whatever your go-to shop is), and bee-line back to the clearance rack. You spot a red blouse — it’s on major sale so you buy it. But once home, you’re like, “How do I even wear this?” Nothing in your closet seems to go with it, so you end up not wearing it at all. And then you feel like a failure for not being able to figure it out.

    Style Rut Variation #2: Purchasing For A Fantasy Life

    Now imagine this: you’re just casually scrolling through your favorite online store and you come across this stunning dusty rose slip dress and these beautiful dark red pointed toe flats. They’re so gorgeous, you can’t resist buying them both. Fast forward to when they finally arrive, and you realize they’re not exactly the most comfortable things for your work-from-home life. Now you’re left feeling guilty for the splurge.

    The Shopping Hangover

    These are real-life scenarios my clients faced, and although on the surface they appear different, the result was the same:

    → Too many clothes they never wear
    → Feeling guilty about it
    → Resorting to wearing the same outfits

    Our habits run deep. When we are used to doing something, it’s a lot easier to keep doing it than to change. Whether it’s a compulsion to buy things BECAUSE they’re on sale or BECAUSE you love them but they don’t suit your style, the WHY YOU BUY is what’s important to pay attention to.

    My Latest Purchase

    I just bought a new necklace! I had wanted to add some color to my stack for awhile now. So when I was walking in Nolita and saw a green beaded chain in the store window, I went inside. I tried it on (along with another option because I always like to try and compare) and then made my purchase. 

    Why did I buy it? 

    Because I’ve been wanting colorful jewelry and this necklace was the perfect addition to my collection.

    I’m wearing it now!

    And that’s how to tell if you made a good purchase or not: if you wear it right away.

    Tell me the last time you bought something and wore it right away. Comment below!

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