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How To Get Rid Of Clothes And Refine Your Style

    Need to take your closet back text overlay image of messy closet

    Do you have a closet that’s clogged up with questionable items? Are you wondering how to get rid of clothes so you have a refined style that’s 100% you? If yes, this post will help!

    In my work as a personal fashion stylist I see many women who don’t want to clear their closets. They hold on to questionable items — unsure if these pieces belong in their wardrobe, or on their bodies at all. And what I’ve noticed is that having an overstock of suspect items will dilute your style!

    Need to take your closet back text overlay image of messy closet.

    To help curate your closet and refine your style, I’ve compiled a line of questions that make it easy for you to decide what garments to keep and what to clear from your wardrobe. Because the last thing you need is a bunch of clothes that sit around with no purpose that never get worn.

    Click play to watch the video! Then get the questions to always ask when refining your wardrobe. I also demonstrate the process of how to get rid of clothes by going through questionable items from my own wardrobe. It was time for me to make decisions about lingering pieces in my closet!

    If you’re ready to energize your current outfits with new ideas, download my free style guide.  It’ll show you how to make fresh outfits with clothes you already own.  

    Click here to get the guide!

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