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What Do You Want To Create In Midlife?

    If time and money weren’t an issue and you could do anything you wanted, what would that be? It’s a big question that may feel daunting if you’ve never thought big before. Which many women have not. Especially those in midlife who feel like the odds are stacked against them and their best years have already happened.

    But what if you could do those things you thought were impossible? That’s what my latest blog guest, Kwavi— Your Favorite Over 50 Life Coach— did when she won the Miss Georgia pageant.

    Not Your Typical Midlife

    Kwavi loved pageants as a kid, and had always wanted to do one. But this isn’t a story about a pageant girl.

    It’s about a woman who had the confidence to enter the race despite the odds being stacked against her.

    Typically, people who participate in pageants are young. She’s 53.

    They’re white. She’s black.

    And they have long hair. She has a cropped cut.

    When looking at those facts, it became even more important for her to enter.

    Not only did Kwavi win the pageant, she set an example of how it looks to go after your dream even when the odds are against you.

    Her story is an inspiration that I’m excited to share!

    See It To Believe It

    Click play to watch the video and discover:

    • The signs that you’ve lost touch with yourself
    • The best way to answer the question “Who Am I?”
    • The rock solid foundation you need to conquer your dreams
    • How to move forward when the odds are stacked against you
    • The edge that midlife women have in life

    Connect With Kwavi

    Kwavi brings an incredible energy to the conversation, and her wisdom will help you see life differently.

    Learn more about her offerings here:

    Click here to buy her book, 50 Questions to Answer When You Reach 50

    Find her on: Instagram – @kwavi_tv

    TikTok – @kwavi_tv

    Reply below and let me know your biggest takeaway from our conversation!

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