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Special Occasion Outfit Ideas

    When I got invited to the Grammys, I felt tremendous pressure to wear the right thing. It was a major event. A special occasion that I’d never been to and I wanted to feel incredible.

    I didn’t.

    I hated my outfit. It was a bummer, but I learned so much about getting dressed for big events. And that’s what I’m sharing here. 

    If you’ve got an upcoming holiday party or New Years Eve gathering, these style tips will help you find an outfit that feels festive without being uncomfortable. Then you’ll shine bright and have confidence at the event.

    Click play to watch the video where I share styling tips to help you get your party outfit ready.

    Special Occasion Outfits

    Back to the Grammys.

    Rather than having fun and finding an outfit that felt exciting…

    I played it safe.

    I went with a plain and simple black tuxedo. There’s nothing wrong with plain and simple except that’s not me. I held back on what I really wanted which brings me to the first lesson. I didn’t know what I wanted.

    Know What You Want

    I’m not a rock star— obviously. So of course I’d never go for something over-the-top like a Lady GaGa meat dress or Jlo deep diving Versace number. But I had no clue what I WOULD wear. I never thought about it. Instead I settled for plain and simple tux because I didn’t know what else to get. 

    Now whenever I have an event, I take time beforehand to think about how I want to look, and more importantly how I want to feel. I didn’t do that for the Grammys. That’s why I ended up as plain and simple. 

    A Brighter You

    As soon as I walked into Madison Square Garden, I knew I made a bad choice. My all-black outfit blended in. The production crew, the servers, and most of the men were wearing all black, like me. My plain and simple look took a turn towards invisible and boring. The feeling amplified at the after-party where I sunk even deeper into the background with the low lighting and dark furniture. That’s when I decided I’d never wear all black to a special occasion again.

    Notice how I said ALL BLACK. The truth is that black is easy. Plus it’s chic. And there are more options when searching for black garments. The trick is to accent with vibrancy. Find fun accessories like a bling-y belt. Or layer on strands of chains. Spice up the all-black with elements of interest…pieces that get noticed. I call this the cherry on top. It’s the star attraction of your look— the MVP. Hair pieces and statement shoes make excellent cherries on top. My black tux needed this!

    Step It Up

    Special occasions and parties are opportunities to be bold with your style. It’s a chance to step outside your comfort zone and be a bit extra. I didn’t think outside the box with the black tux. I went with what’s comfortable. Of course, you want to be comfortable, but stretch yourself so you feel excited.

    What do you have in your wardrobe that can add electricity to your look? Or if you’ve got a fabulous LBD, how can you liven it up with shoes and accessories?

    I’m all for a classic look—like a black tux. 

    But bringing in an unexpected twist would’ve helped get me in the mood to celebrate.

    And that’s what these special occasions are for, right?

    If you want your style to reflect your natural charms, take the free style quiz! It’ll help bring out your IT FACTOR so you feel more magnetic in life.

    3 thoughts on “Special Occasion Outfit Ideas”

    1. My little black dress is to wear on the cruise associated with my son Jon’s wedding. I want to feel SEXY now that I’m down from a size 26 to a 16, from a 3X to merely an L. The “cherry on top” is a fantastic silver-plated statement lattice necklace that draws the eye to my face and cleavage, and a pair of rhinestone strappy flat sandals. Still thinking about what sort of bag to put with it, but I have until the end of January.

      For the beach wedding itself I’m wearing a royal blue gauze maxi slit up the side to my thigh, with lots of back skin exposed & a neck that ties in a sting bow back there, Dolman sleeves, and just enough cleavage showing in front. The same statement necklace and sandals will make it shine, and I am considering some sort of blue flower accent to the side in my hair.

    2. Cathy Ogi

      Yeah, your child’s wedding is such a big thing. Don’t embarrass them, make them feel proud that that is my mom. Make your husband be glad to call you his wife that day. Don’t look dowdy. Wow, so many parts. My son’s wedding went well—my husband gave me that look, like in Elisabeth Taylor’s movie, when her mom came down the stairs. I will never forget that my husband did the same—gave me this little nod that told me I had the right look! Next is my daughter’s wedding-my children are 12 years apart. How many times I have written a note down, remember this for that wedding. Thanks for this very pertinent information.

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