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Which Of These Fashion Faux Pas Are You Making?

    None—there’s no such thing as a fashion faux pas when your style is your way of being. If you’re intentionally using your clothes to express yourself, you can’t go wrong! This means if you deliberately wear black underwear with white pants, or miles long pants because you like how it feels for them to drag on the floor—YOU’RE DOING YOU! That’s not a fashion faux pas.

    Plus what was once considered a fashion faux pas, like fanny packs, socks with sandals or wearing white after Labor Day—are now considered cool. (If you’re like NO WAY to the socks with sandals…trust me——> it’s a thing!)

    The Fashion Faux Pas is Passé

    This post isn’t about what you’re doing wrong. Instead it’s about showing you a different way. Sometimes we’ve been wearing something in one way for so long that we forget there are other options. Then we get stuck in a rut without even realizing what’s happened. So if you’re ready to switch things up, or at least reflect on how you’ve been dressing…this post is for you! This new way could become YOUR WAY if you stay open to fresh ideas!

    Click play to watch the video where I show you 3 ways of wearing your clothes, and then give a new idea to update how you’re getting dressed.

    And read on for my stylist tips on how to update your style.

    Branding Yourself With Whatever

    My son came home from school wearing his JETS hat. It’s not a baseball hat, but one of those wool beanies. The letters JETS were right over his face. I commented on the hat, and he replied, THEY WON! He was proud! I get it. That’s one way to do it—brand yourself with something meaningful.

    Then I see other people filling this prime real estate —right above their face— with a logo of something they don’t care about. Like the Gap, Lululemon, or North Face. 


    If those brands are near and dear it makes sense. But if they’re not, flip the scrip and try another way! Turn that logo to the side. Wear it inside out. Put it on backwards. Or rip off that label.

    Old School Match-Up

    The traditional way of accessorizing is matchy-matchy. Your bag must match your belt which must match your shoes. So it’s a black bag worn with a black belt and black shoes. That’s one way to do it. Another way is a modern mash up. This means bring in two or more different, yet harmonious elements. So instead of wearing a black bag, belt and shoes, try black shoes with a silver belt and gray bag. Oh, and if you’ve got one of those matching earrings and necklace sets, MASH THEM UP — you may surprise yourself with how fun this can be! 

    Going Undercover

    This one may strike a chord if you’ve been doing it for a long time. And I understand changing things up can feel scary. But if you’ve been hiding your body in big clothes, there’s another way.

    This isn’t about those intentional oversized outfits. You know— the loose and drapey styles that are “borrowed from the boys”, slouchy & relaxed, or even covering up to show respect or express your beliefs. If you’re wearing those on purpose—> nice!

    This is about covering up your body because you want to hide it. 

    I understand you may have areas you don’t love and want to downplay with your clothing. But if YOUR WAY is to throw on a huge garment, you’re in reaction mode. You’re responding to what you believe doesn’t look good, and what probably doesn’t feel good either. This may serve as a quick fix that gets you dressed for the day. But it’s not enhancing your personal style. Or self esteem for that matter.

    Rather than take a reactionary approach to your style by throwing on the quick fix, try the balancing act — it’s a new way! Consider what areas of your body you can highlight. Is it your face? Your forearms? Your legs? Then use your clothes to draw attention to this area. With this way, your style becomes more balanced and doesn’t rely on covering up. 

    Whether you’ve fallen into a rut of getting dressed the same old way, or you haven’t even noticed you’ve been doing this, consider these 3 new ideas a starting point for making a change. You can try exactly as I’ve suggested here, or come up with your own way that feels right and makes you happy.

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