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Creativity Isn’t Limited To Some People: Here’s How To Tap Into Yours

    The other day, on a conference call, I was speaking with a couple of producers who were providing me with the details for our upcoming shoot. The call consisted of us going over the styling direction to ensure I knew exactly what I’d shop for. At some point in the conversation I started throwing out ideas on how to dress the shot. When I asked for feedback one of them simply replied, We’re not creative. We’re just organizing the creativity.

    This statement stuck with me.

    While it’s all true that the role of a producer is to coordinate everything for a shoot, when I heard their creativity brushed off it made me wonder — do people who spend their days dealing with logistics embed the idea that they’re not creative in their head? Or do they find time outside of their daily grind to tap into inspiration?

    Dealing with the logistics in life is essential — our days wouldn’t run smooth if we ignored them. Just last week, I got so wrapped up with work that when GL asked me what’s for dinner, I didn’t know…I had forgotten to pass by the store. How nice would it be if we had individual producers at home — organizing the details to make our lives flow.

    The creative spirit is something that exists within all of us — it’s our true selves expressed freely and authentically. And though it is available to everyone, it may not be accessed at all times.

    Here are 4 ways to tap into creativity.

    1. Run
    When I’m stuck without an idea, I run for it. I pop on a playlist, something I know will resonate with my soul, and take off for the East River. It could take 15 minutes, or an hour. But almost always my ideas start to flow. I’ll even go for a run right in the middle of writing a piece — I’m that girl, pulled over on the jogging path, who has pulled out her phone to jot down some notes. The run isn’t so much about my heart rate as it is a creativity boost.

    2. Write
    This is another sure thing for me. I cozy up in my chair with my notebook, and write everything that comes to mind. It’s a brain dump. It creates space in my perception for the goods to be revealed. It’s how I came up with the idea for this post.

    3. Move
    I know, it’s similar to #1. But when the weather outside sucks I prefer to stay indoors. This type of movement is more free-flowing. I may throw down my yoga mat, not to do yoga, but to follow my body and see where it wants to go. (The yoga mat makes it more official — like it’s practice time!.) Again, the right music is the perfect lubricant.

    4. Sit
    Meditation is a direct path to the soul. I was doing the guided sessions here for awhile. But then the voices (their voices, not mine) seemed to get in my way. So now I’m just using the timer with the nice bell sound. My intention here is to quiet my mind and body. I listen for the little releases within — I can actually hear my nervous system unwinding…which for a high strung lady like myself is essential to my creativity.

    How do you unleash your creativity?

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    11 thoughts on “Creativity Isn’t Limited To Some People: Here’s How To Tap Into Yours”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      This may sound a bit goofy and unusual but my creative ideas tend to arrive when I am in the shower. I have stepped out many times….soaking wet….to write down thoughts (I have since purchased waterproof ink pens so when I look at the words later on they have not turned into a dripping mess of nonsensical ink blots). I can’t explain why it happens in the shower…but it does.

    2. I totally agree! For me, it’s running, and running by myself. If I go with a group or even one other person, I find it’s much more motivational, but it doesn’t give me the “thought” time. And I do not enjoy running at all because I’m not a natural, but it is where I find my inspiration. Of course yoga is a great go-to, also.

    3. GGW, I read somewhere that a lot of people get their best ideas in the shower– is it the relaxation factor? Or maybe just being alone. I bet they all don’t buy waterproof ink pens though –> Smart. I didn’t even know such thing existed.

    4. Susie, I’m not a natural runner either. Usually when I first start running I have all sorts of distractions — I’ll have to go to the bathroom. Or my headphones keep falling out of my ears. But when I finally get my groove — the ideas flow. And of course Yoga!!! This one is tricky though b/c I can’t stop in class to write down my ideas.

    5. YeP, they all sound good (except for the running omg 🙂 ). Driving works as well ( I have to drive long distances with not much traffic so good for thinking). Walking, waiting with nothing to do and meditation of course. Also reading inspirational things…

    6. Creativity is a powerful force and it is active in some and it is in passive mode in others…the degree of creative thinking differs from person to person…Such is the potency of creativity, if put to proper use it can change the course and fate of our life forever. But many times we don’t know the creative power within, we underestimate ourselves and many times we are ignorant and unaware of the inherent creative potential…it so happens that somebody outsider triggers the hidden creativity and we realize but the realization cannot be sustained unless we work on it. Discipline is so important to build the creative power and keep on creating newer things…

      Yes Creativity is a combination of nature and nurturing. Yes, Walking is wonderful and walking is what has always given me the thrust in unleashing my creativity thoughts…

    7. Nihar, thanks for sharing your insights here. You make some interesting points. The value you place on discipline is worth noting… A creative idea is great, but the execution of this idea is even better.

    8. As in management practices , the key to a strategy lies in the execution…so is it true everything in our life…we can plan but if we fail to execute it than it is of no consequence…and for perfect execution we need good discipline and creativity execution is much more important…

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