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A New Way To Cuddle Up This Winter

    Bear with me — I’m getting a little radical over here.

    After weeks of browsing both online and in the stores, I’ve decided to forgo the initial puffy, down coat purchase. The idea of coughing up several hundred to look like a marshmallow just doesn’t appeal. At all.

    I realize the practicality that’s at stake from this decision –it’s gets effin’ freezing in NYC. But really, how many days are that cold — the ones that go into the teens and below? Just a few. I’m going to fix up the lining on last years boring, black down park and bust it out when it’s 10 degrees.

    And on the other days…when it’s a balmy 30 or above (this is the radical part) I’m going to wear a poncho with a super warm base layer. (I’ve got my eye on this for underneath.)

    I realize this is a different direction to take for the classic winter coat. But I’ve always loved ponchos– they’re comfy… like snuggling up on the couch with a blanket. Plus they remind me of my grandmother, who knit me one when I was small.

    It’s a statement– I know.

    5 Ponchos To Snuggle Up With When It’s Not So Cold

    BARRIE Fringed Cashmere Poncho at
    BARRIE Fringed Cashmere Poncho at

    The key to pulling this off is a thin, but effective undercoat though I’m thinking it’d be best to store this one away at temps below 40.

    Basketweave Poncho by GREI at
    Basketweave Poncho
    by GREI at

    The kimona shape to this one lends a bit of zen.

    Colourblock Check Blanket Poncho by Burberry
    Colourblock Check Blanket Poncho by Burberry

    This is how the poncho is done on the high end spectrum.

    Reverse Raven Trench Cloak by Lindsey Thornburg

    Ok, technically this is a cloak – it has sleeves — but the feel is similar. And I’m diggin’ it.

    Club Monaco Angelica Poncho
    Club Monaco Angelica Poncho

    And for those days I don’t feel like getting out of bed — > it’s this.

    What do you think– Are you pro poncho?

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    10 thoughts on “A New Way To Cuddle Up This Winter”

    1. I love ponchos! I’ve seen them quite a lot this winter…elegant, soft, warm and super-easy to pair up with just about anything! I have actually resurrected my long, button-up hooded sweater this winter as my outer coat. It’s warm when layered and yet, not too bulky. You just talked me into a poncho! Have a great weekend! PS – I also just ran across 100% natural, body oil scents, deodorants, body creams and lip gloss, and am in love! Amber oil based – they’re musky scented, pure, can be layered and react with each person differently. They’re awesome! (Ambre Blends out of Indianapolis.)

    2. girlgatheringwisdom

      Your post makes me want to take out a poncho that I could never give away because it was handmade by a relative. I will wear it. You have a knack for picking what will be be cool or on this case….hot.

    3. I am totally pro poncho – I have a wrap around one with a hood and a green knitted one, both of which I adore. True, I don’t have to worry about freezing to death on the mean street of nyc…I imagine 10 degrees F is mighty cold…

    4. Sara, 10 degrees F is bloody cold! In fact, in my book anything below 30 is too cold, which is why I’ll have to repair my old down coat. They’re an essential for North East living.

    5. Thanks,GGW! Those sentimental pieces are an interesting subject (I’ve got a post brewing on the topic!) If anything, they could be nice to wear while at home.

    6. Elegant, soft and warm — I love these descriptions for the poncho! Glad you’re on board!! And thanks for the tip on the natural products. I’m always on the lookout for these.

    7. SirenaTales

      Love how you think outside the box and check in with what feels good to YOU, i.e. Elyshastyle :). Whatever you choose, I know you will look and feel fab because you are styling from the inside out. Rock that! xoxo

    8. ST, thank You! Your comments always make me feel good about what I’m doing — I am so grateful for your friendship. x x

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