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Become A Confident Curator Of Your Clothing And Style

    As you enter a room, do you walk in with your head held high, or do you shrink in self-doubt? And were you aware that the root of those feelings could be coming from your closet? The clothes you wear have the power to inspire or inhibit your confidence. 

    That’s why a big part of my client work is helping them become confident curators. I want them to have certainty when they get dressed so they can enter every room with purpose and a strong presence.

    personal stylist walking on street in NYC wearing orange blazer and denim jumpsuit

    What’s a Confident Curator?

    A confident curator is someone who approaches her wardrobe with intention and discernment.

    She doesn’t just take what’s offered — she chooses what she loves, what fits her style, and what gives her confidence. This means she says NO to everything else! She’s in no rush, and takes the time to put together a wardrobe that’s both cohesive and authentic.

    Here’s some other qualities of a confident curator:

    • Intentional with her choices
    • Selective, not impulsive
    • Values quality over quantity 
    • Knows her style and owns it
    • Stays true to herself
    • Builds a wardrobe that’s cohesive, not random
    • Makes her wardrobe work for her, not the other way around
    • Approaches her closet with curiosity and creativity

    Now you know the qualities of a confident curator; you may be like that’s nice… why should I become one?

    Why Become One?

    Here’s 3 reasons it’s time to become a confident curator: 

    ✔️You need to take control of your closet

    ✔️ You want to wear clothes that feel like YOU

    ✔️ You’re ready to have a strong sense of style

    If you’re like most of the women I work with, you’re dealing with some sort of change. It could be personally, physically or circumstantially. Regardless, your clothes aren’t working anymore. And this makes it hard to be confident. It’s time to align your wardrobe with your next stage of life!

    By thoughtfully curating your wardrobe, you choose clothes that reflect and amplify who you are and where you’re at. This helps you feel prepared for anything — it’s a powerful sense of self-assurance which will impact all aspects of your life, every day!

    That’s why you should become a confident curator. Wondering how to do it?

    How to become one?

    There are 3 steps:

    1. Define Your Signature

      This is about understanding yourself, owning your identity, and articulating that visually. By defining your signature, you’re clarifying your self-expression. Your style becomes a tool for communicating who you are to the world.
    2. Streamline Your Wardrobe

      This is about simplifying and making things easier. To streamline your wardrobe means you’re making thoughtful choices about your clothes. You clear the clutter, and keep only the things that serve you.

    3. Update Your Outfits

      This keeps your closet fresh and relevant (and avoids getting stuck in a style rut.) By regularly adding new pieces, or re-styling old pieces in new ways, you’re always feeling current to who you are and confident in who you’ve become.

    Ready to start now?

    I can help! 

    Take your first steps for free at the links below!

    STEP 1 — Define Your Signature

    —> Take the Find Your Signature quiz here! This is about finding your IT FACTOR so you tap into the qualities that make you unique. Then you can use your wardrobe to effortlessly convey your strengths and individuality.

    STEP 2 — Streamline Your Wardrobe

    —> Get the free closet cleanout guide here. This will take you through the exact process I use with my private clients to help them have less clothes, and more outfit options

    STEP 3 — Update Your Outfits

    Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here too. I’m hosting a fun workshop soon!

    Tell me in the comments, which step do you get stuck at most — defining your signature, streamlining your wardrobe or updating your outfits?

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