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3 Steps To Modernize Your Style (without buying into the current trends)

    If you want to modernize your style, but you don’t care about the current trends, this post is for you. Especially if you’re feeling the urge to update what you wear, but you’re not sure how to do that.  

    I’m sharing 3 action steps that will help you feel more current.

    Because here’s the deal, nobody wants to be out of it. Particularly as we age, the desire to stay relevant is understandable. 

    But if you’re not resonating with the current trends, you may feel confused about how to update your style. 

    Recently, I was doing a workout where the instructor played a series of top 40 songs. I didn’t like any of them! I felt disconnected to the workout. And if I tried to get into the music, it felt forced—like I was trying too hard to be someone I’m not.

    Finally, she played a song I liked. I felt energized! It didn’t matter that the song wasn’t a new release. I only cared about the shift in my energy. I felt better!

    The same thing goes with your style. You may look at the spring 2021 trends, and see things like wide leg trousers, cut-outs, puffy sleeves, sheer, etc…and feel disconnected. You don’t want to wear any of them! And if you did put them on, it would feel inauthentic…like you’re trying too hard to be with it. 

    Then you put on a blouse that you’ve had for years, and you feel energized. You’re inspired!

    The bottom line: you can look modern and feel fresh, and it has nothing to do with wearing the latest trends. It’s about being current to YOURSELF— who you are, what compliments you and what you love…not what’s in or trendy at the moment. 

    When you feel energized and inspired, you exude a radiance that calls people in. You become magnetic.

    Here’s how to modernize your style for spring without buying into current trends.

    Start With Your Style Stats

    Your style stats are the truths of your style. Knowing these facts will ensure that you’re wearing clothes that are complementary and aligned.

    There are 3 parts of your style stats. 

    ✔️Your Body

    This comes down to your proportions and where you carry most of your weight. 

    ✔️Your Color

    This is related to your skin, hair and eyes. There are certain colors that make you look more vibrant and healthy, particularly when worn near your face. 

    ✔️Your North Star

    These are the 3 words that sum up how you want to feel in your outfits. Since your clothes help you feel a certain way, keep your north star words nearby when getting dressed. They’ll guide you to your best choices. 

    Of your 3 style stats, your body and color may shift and change with age so you do want to keep current on these. Your north star is the most dynamic of the bunch. This could change every year or season. 

    Wardrobe Intake

    The second action step is your wardrobe intake which includes getting into your entire closet and making a clear decision. With each item, you determine if you’re going to wear it or clear it. 

    It’s likely that there are items that you’ve outgrown, and are no longer current to your style stats or your personal preferences. This means they are outdated. 

    You may also have items in your closet that you forgot about. You see them, and you’re like OH YEAH! I want to wear these again. The key to making those forgotten-items feel fresh is to wear them differently. Mix them up in new ways.

    Create A Shopping List

    The final action to update your style is to create a shopping list based on your wardrobe intake. 

    If you noticed that you cleared out a lot of pants, you may need to add them to your list. Or did you see you have little lightweight dresses, and you want more in your spring style? Put it on the list!

    The value of taking time to create an intentional list is that it’ll reduce impulse purchases. Whether it’s something that caught your eye and you feel you have to have, or it’s an item you saw on sale that you couldn’t resist the deal. Having a well planned list keeps you on track to building a cohesive and inspired wardrobe that’s current to you now. 

    Your Updated Style (It’s Not About The Current Trends)

    Those are the 3 actions that’ll update your style so it’s more modern. It’s not about buying into current trends. It’s about making your wardrobe current to YOU now. 

    If you take these 3 actions, you will update your style. But I understand you may still feel confused and think:

    “What are my style stats? I can’t tell!” 


    “How do I know if this item in my closet looks good? Should I still wear it? Or how do I mix it up so it feels more fresh?” 


    “I have no idea what to add to my shopping list! What styles are right for me?”

    If you have any of these thoughts, join me and a group of amazing women who are taking these actions together in Total Style Refresh!

    I will guide you to a clear understanding of your style stats. I will help you see what clothes are right for you in your closet, and new ways to wear your older stuff. And I’ll also give you inspired ideas for your shopping list. 

    In this program, I’ll share my 20+ years of styling expertise to help you re-emerge this spring feeling more confident and energized. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with me, and get my eyes on your style at a fraction of my one-on-one service price.

    Trust me when I say no one with my styling expertise and holistic approach is sharing these principles the way I do. It will be both productive and fun!

    Click here to learn more about Total Style Refresh!

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