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How To Look At Fashion And The Runway Collections

    Perhaps it’s the pandemic and the snooze effect it had on fashion. Or maybe it’s just me — I’m ready for something new! This season when I looked at the runway collections from NYFW, I felt energized (and ready to shop!)

    I realize not everyone gets excited about fashion. And many feel confused by the latest styles. 

    Comme des Garcons

    They see the models and think…

    What the hell am I looking at?”

    “How am I supposed to wear that? “

    “Why would I even want to wear that?”

    I get it. 

    Fashion can be intimidating. The industry itself is not known for inclusivity and kindness. So it’s understandable to feel like an outcast or disconnected from what you see.

    But fashion can be fun! It uplifts and inspires you to think differently about what you wear, and how you want to show up.

    That’s why I’m breaking down HOW to look at the runway collections and make fashion work for you. Then when you see the latest looks, you’ll feel energized for your own style.

    Click play to watch the video where I show how to approach the runway designs so they make sense for your life.

    And keep reading for more style advice.

    Here’s 3 ways to look at fashion and the runway collections.

    1. Take-In the Art & Beauty 

    Fashion design is art. It requires imagination and technique. Sometimes appreciation of the sheer talent is a reason to look at it.

    When I browsed through the collections on display at the Brooklyn Museum’s Dior show, I felt goosebumps. This is my body’s sign of saying “WOW, I’m loving how this makes me feel.”

    Clothing isn’t always designed to be worn. Occasionally, it’s just a work of art to be taken-in and appreciated.  And this inspiration will 100% impact your everyday style.

    2. Extract The Elements

    One of the techniques I teach my clients is to find the individual components of an outfit rather than looking at it as a whole.

    There are two benefits to doing it this way:

    A. It’ll show you what you like and want to wear.

    When you break an outfit into its style elements, you extract only the parts that interest you. So even if you don’t like every detail in the look, there are specific elements that intrigue. That’s what you pay attention to.


    In this Akris look, I’m loving the monochrome color palette that’s given an unexpected twist by pairing different textures. This is a great example of an element that I’d like to incorporate in my style.

    B. It’ll show you what’s on trend.

    When you extract the specific elements from multiple designers, you’ll notice a pattern. These are the trending themes. This is what eventually shows up in the stores.

    3. Assess What You Like & Want To Wear

    While some designs are purely for the art, beauty and spectacle, most designers want you to wear the clothes. Watching what they send down the runway could be a way to “window shop”, and see what you would wear.

    Sometimes you’ll love the look as it’s shown — like I did with this one.

    Mara Hoffman

    Or you may get thrown off by how the look is styled. Then you’ll have to use your vision and imagine how you’d wear it yourself.


    There’s so much YES in this look for me. It’s actually inspiring me to reintegrate my previous love for mixed prints. But instead of the bikini briefs, I’d wear it with a pair of high waisted, wide leg pants. Everything else can stay!

    Be honest with yourself about what you’ll wear. Discern if the look makes sense for current you and your current life. If not, then break it down to the style elements and think about what you’ll try.

    The Runway Collections and You

    Fashion can be fun and energizing when you approach it with a solid understanding of how it works for you. It could be the art and beauty that elevates your vibe, or maybe it’s the specific details of a look that get you excited. Then there’s the outfits that are 100% for YOU and you want to wear them.

    Once inspired by the new collections, you’ll see your current wardrobe with fresh eyes. (Brunello Cucinelli is a designer that continues to inspire me. I’m loving everything in latest collection here.)

    If you’re ready to energize your current outfits with new ideas, download my free style guide.  It’ll show you how to make fresh outfits with clothes you already own.  

    Click here to get the guide!

    2 thoughts on “How To Look At Fashion And The Runway Collections”

    1. Rebecca Yount

      Absolutely love and appreciate this post! So validating in that I had often admired creations I would never wear but I always look for new colors, textures, hemlines, etc. thanks for confirming I’m on the right track and expanding my view as well. I share in the AWE of the art!

    2. YES! This is it…knowing what’s YOU and what’s not, but being able to extract the inspiration. Love, this Rebecca!

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