Discover Your Fit Type To See The Best Results From Your Workout

Discover Your Fit Type To See The Best Results From Your Workout

If you want to get into a regular exercise routine, knowing which activities suit your personality will really help you commit with consistency.

For example, if you love being around other people, then you’d fare much better in a group class, or on a sports team.

But if being around others while you’re working out is annoying (like when they sweat on your mat in a packed hot yoga class), then you would be better off on your own… like on a run. Or with a streaming workout.

If you’re one of those who will workout in any situation, and love trying new things then you are someone born with the workout gene (it’s not a real thing, I made it up ?), and you’ll get your exercise in no matter what.

Or you may be one of those people who just doesn’t enjoy working out at all. You find it inconvenient to fit into your already full schedule, and the thought of sweating and moving vigorously sounds awful. This is a tough place to be, but with some insight you too can get on track with a regular exercise routine and start seeing the benefits.

In my next video, I address describe specific fit types and make suggestions on what practices will help you get the most out of your holistic fitness routines. Oh, I also created a little quiz to help you discover which practices will suit you best. The link to the quiz is here.

Click play to discover your fit type, and what you can do to benefit most from your workout. And please comment below to let me know what your fit type is, and which activities you enjoy doing most.



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  1.' Run Wright says:

    Curious. What’s your fitness personality? I like working out alone if I am new to something. I would rather have the space to focus on learning how to do something without the distraction of a class or a partner but when it is something I do well, I like the group exercise.

  2. That’s great you try new activities with your workout. I bet that keeps things fresh. I like group classes, but also will workout at home alone. For me, I just need to get it in!

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