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How To Accept Your Imperfect Self

    Do you compare yourself to unrealistic expectations? I do, and In this video I share how I was forced to face my flaws, and accept my imperfect self.

    Do you constantly compare yourself to unrealistic expectations? I do this all the time. With a moon in Virgo, my strive for perfection runs deep. In my next video, I share talk about facing flaws to accept your imperfect self.

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    2 thoughts on “How To Accept Your Imperfect Self”

    1. Oh Elysha,

      I was cringing all the way as you told your story. I could visualize the Sweat dripping . . . Body fluid . . Battle going on between your two ears . . Hard to keep your mind within your mat (especially when your half naked neighbor starts to encroach into your space). But at the end it turns out to be an excellent example of self compassion and emotional intelligence. And sounds like you got a mental yoga workout as well.

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