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Get An Edgy Style That Still Looks Like You

    If your midlife style has gotten too “suburban mom” or “plain jane”, and you’re ready for an edgy style WITHOUT looking like you’re too much, or trying too hard, here’s what to know:

    Your fear of falling into “suburban mom” or “plain jane” isn’t about those long cardigans or reliable jeans.

    It’s about a fear we all share —- getting older and feeling like we’re fading into the background. 😕

    You think you need to revamp your style to keep up with the times.

    But you don’t.

    What you REALLY need is to express a bolder, more daring version of YOU. That’s why instead of asking “How can I have an edgy style?”…

    …   Think about how to push the boundaries of YOUR personal style TO BE edgier, and let a more daring version of YOU shine through.

    This post will help!

    Keep reading to get 5 ways to add a bold touch to your look to expand your style!

    As you peruse these suggestions, consider how they can serve as a foundation for experimentation, enhancing your personal expression rather than redefining it.

    1. Start With Studs For Your Edgy Style

    I’m a big fan of studs as they’re quite versatile, and an easy way to introduce some edge. In my own closet, I’ve got several studded pieces including sandals, handbags, and boots. The magic of studs lies in their power to elevate a seemingly ordinary item into a bold, statement piece. The trick, however, is to introduce studded accents into your look one item at a time—it’s about striking the perfect balance without tipping into tacky!

    2. Make Leather Your Go-To

    Leather (or high-quality vegan alternatives) is quintessentially edgy. A cool leather jacket can instantly elevate a casual outfit, adding a touch of rebellion and sophistication. Don’t limit yourself to black, though! My amazing client rocks hers in hot pink.

    My amazing client in her fabulous hot pink leather jacket visiting NYC

    3. Experiment with Graphic Tees

    To be edgy is to be bold, take risk and show people who you are. That’s why wearing a graphic (statement making) tee is an excellent way to express your style. You don’t have to go super casual in a tee shirt and jeans to pull off the look. In fact, throwing a smart blazer on top will be add edge while still keeping it within most work-wear dress codes.

    4. Play with Asymmetry

    Asymmetrical designs provide a quick and simple way to shake things up while adding an interesting visual element. Look for pieces that draw the eye in unexpected ways, like a diagonally cut top or an off-kilter hemline. (These can also serve to HIGHLIGHT YOUR BODY!)

    5. Step Into Bold Footwear

    One of my clients is all about her shoe collection because she wants an edgy style, but can’t go so bold with her clothes due to office dress codes. So she turns up the dial on her shoes with chunky styles, studded details, and metallic finishes. I love how these choices can transform even the most basic outfit into something edgier.

    • Tip: Don’t be afraid to pair heavy boots with feminine dresses or skirts for a delightful contrast.

    Your Edgy Style

    Edgy style goes beyond buying “cool” pieces. It’s about making intentional choices that reflect a bolder, more daring version of you.

    The goal is to push the boundaries of your personal style, and to allow your clothing to enhance and express your uniqueness. So don’t look at edginess as a destination. Instead, see it as a path to discovering more about yourself and your willingness to step beyond your usual to try something new.

    Click play to watch the video and learn more about looking cool.

    9 thoughts on “Get An Edgy Style That Still Looks Like You”

    1. Leslie Berkower

      Loved your “edgy “video. I’ve taken up knitting again after many years. I’ll be knitting beanies soon and will share my finished products. Now I’m knitting warm chunky hats for for a cause project on the Mexican border. Many people from Mexico detained at the SD border do not have warm clothing so I’m practicing by making hats for kids.
      I think they’re kind of edgy. Everyone needs a little edge, even when style is not on the priority list. Happy New Year ❣️

    2. Pamela Goldman

      Loved your edgy video….going to look for textured stockings, opaque right now!!

    3. Pamela Goldman

      didn’t get to tights yet but last night my husband and I went out for dinner and I wore my white jeans a very, very long split long sleeve Black t-shirt and a black short cape that I was able to keep on while we ate and of course Rachael Zoe Earrings………….I felt great, super sharp and minimalist…it’s so true how much it effects you when you feel you are in your “zone” of expression whether anyone else realizes it or not doesn’t really matter…it’s really rather irrelevant.

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    5. These are great! I haven’t done studs but I am into fringe! I also am adding more bright colors- red, teal, etc.

    6. Hey people!!!!!
      Good mood and good luck to everyone!!!!!

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