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How To Wear White Boots

    After 18 months of pandemic living, I was ready to LIVE IT UP in the style department. I thought a pair of white boots would do the trick, and they did! I went to wear them immediately (always a good sign with a new purchase). But what happened next was surprising. I couldn’t figure out HOW to wear them.

    It seemed like a no brainer —white is neutral, and easy to pair.


    White boots DO NOT go with everything.

    That’s why I’m sharing how to wear yours or the pair you want to buy.

    How To Wear White Boots

    1. Height Is Everything

    This isn’t about how tall you are. It’s the height of the boot. Or more specifically how much of the boot you’re going to reveal.

    I say show it all!

    Pair your boots with an ankle length pant or a skirt / dress. An elastic banded jogger would also work well. I wasn’t doing this at first, and after doing a side by side outfit comparison, I see that showing the top of an ankle boot looks GOOD!

    2. Balance The Brightness

    White is a BRIGHT color that stands out A LOT. You could wear a dark outfit with white boots and go for that high contrast. But I like to balance the white with a similar shade like light denim, beige or pale gray. You could wear a garment in one of these harmonious tones. Or it could be just an accent. Like a pinstripe or accessory.

    Click play to watch the video to see how I applied these ideas to my outfit.

    And keep reading on for the 3rd style tip!

    3. All White For The Win

    Lastly, let’s not forget the monochrome option which is always a HUGE YES in my book. It’s clean, sophisticated and easy to pair! (There’s only one color to consider wearing!) Go with pure white. Or switch it up slightly and choose another pale, neutral shade. And pop with it another color!

    Want to wear color like a pro? Get the color matched worksheet to learn how to pair other colors together. Click here to get your free download.

    4 thoughts on “How To Wear White Boots”

    1. after watching your video makes me want to get a pair of cute white boots like yours …thanks for the tips!

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