Favorite Finds In The Men’s Department (For You!)

Favorite Finds In The Men’s Department (For You!)

Last month, DH received a sweater for his birthday that was way too small. So small, it fit me and made a lovely oversized addition to my wardrobe. There are other items from the men’s (or boys!) section that have served me well opening up the opportunities of where to shop for my most wearable things.

Borrow From The Boys And Make These Pieces Your Own


Creating the always on trend slouchy look and feel, the relaxed fit of an oversized sweater wears well with skinny pants or comfy joggers.


Stay away from the ubiquitous fedoras that most people think of when shopping in mens. Instead, opt for a cute beanie that’ll cover you up with a cool vibe.


An original borrowed from the boys staple, the bomber options in the mens section are plentiful and fun.


A classic that’ll keep you on time and in style.


In addition to sneakers, the mens section has nice oxfords to choose from. I like the rubber soles and platform heel here.

What do you think? Would you shop in the mens section?

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  1. ktblenkhorn@gmail.com' candidkay says:

    Oh, the men’s section of catalogs is sometimes my favorite! Nothing beats a guy’s fisherman’s sweater or big flannel shirt:). Territory Ahead always has cool guys’ stuff.

  2. Cool! Will definitely check them out. Thank YOU!

  3. kamari2001@yahoo.com' Runwright says:

    Mens watches are my thing and I have quite a few in my collection. I definitely wear feminine ladies watches when I’m dressing up but I so love to see the oversized men’s watch faces on women’s tiny wrists 🙂

  4. I like that look too though I am not a watch wearer.

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