Be More Balanced With These 6 Tips

Be More Balanced With These 6 Tips

Today in pilates, the instructor had us step on a Bosu ball that had me wobbling allover the place. As she told us to lift one leg and make a circle, the other leg just couldn’t keep it together. Same thing happened yesterday in yoga – the transition from warrior 3 to tree had me tipping towards the ground. Needless to say, I’ve been struggling with balance lately so I put together this little list to remind me how to get it back. Hopefully, it’ll help you too, if you’ve been feeling the pull away from center.

Find Better Balance By Following These Tips:

1. Balance begins in the core which is why it’s such a huge part of pilates, a total core workout. Always pull the belly to spine to engage your abs for more control.

2. Find something that’s not moving to look at. Sometimes I’ll foolishly focus on the person in front of me, and then she falls over. Better to stare at a spot on the wall.

3. Practice one leg postures regularly. Even if you’re not a yogi, you can still try tree. The cognitive effects from maintaining strong balance will help your brain stay healthy.

4. Take a look at your whole life, and note where you feel out of balance – do you work too much? Take no time for yourself? Pay attention, and make small changes to even it all out.

5. Maintain good posture. By standing tall, abs in, tailbone dropped, shoulders down, head in line with the spine – you set yourself up to be more balanced.

6. Lighten up! We all fall over at times. Just go with it, and then begin again.

How do you stay balanced?


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  1.' Chloe says:

    Great reminders, Elysha. Especially dig the one about lightening up….including laughing, a wonderful core workout :). And I LOVE your photo. Thank you. xoxo

  2. Laughing is a good core workout!! Must remember that – thank you.
    I hope your year is off to an inspiring start, ST, with lots of laughter and dancing! Xoxo

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