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Elevate Your Everyday Appearance To Feel Special In Your Life

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    What does it take for you to feel special in your clothes? A compliment? A fancy event?

    I thought about this the other day after I received a compliment on my outfit. It was the first one I’d gotten in months!

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    What’s interesting about this compliment-receiving day was that it wasn’t special. I dropped my daughter off at a friend’s (it was the other mom who paid me the compliment). Then I sat at the soccer field while my son practiced. 

    While I wasn’t doing anything special that day…

    I decided I wanted to feel special.

    So I put on a dress that I haven’t touched all summer because it had always felt like too much to wear to just sit at home. Or to do neighborhood errands in. 

    What Makes Something Special?

    Putting on that dress reminded me that I get to decide when I want to feel special. I don’t have to wait for an occasion to dictate “special time”.

    And it’s as easy as putting on a dress I always loved!

    What’s keeping you from putting on clothes that make you feel special because they feel like too much for your current lifestyle? 

    Is it the comfort level?

    Are these pieces too fancy or complicated?

    Or is it just not worth the effort?

    Choosing To Feel Special Everyday

    In my FB group, Closet Shopping Collective, women are choosing to feel special everyday. They care about how they look and they’re having fun with fashion.

    Recently, in the group I offered live outfit feedback which is basically free style advice. A few women had submit their outfits. And I shared what’s working, and what they could do to make improvements to what they wore. 

    Style tips to improve your outfit text overlay image of women walking in dress.

    What I love most about providing this feedback is that it’s helpful for everyone, even those who didn’t submit their outfits. Often, we share the same issues with our clothes, and seeing how others adjust their outfits could be exactly what you need to update yours!

    If you’d like to watch some real-time style advice for real women, click here for my live outfit feedback session. And you’d like to submit your outfit for feedback, be sure to join my facebook group. I’ll ask for more submissions soon!

    (Oh, and that dress that made me feel special…it’s the one I’m wearing in this video 😊)

    If you’re unsure if what you’re wearing works or not — maybe you have a new body and you’re not sure how to dress it. Or maybe you never paid much attention to your style in the first place, I can help.

    Book a complimentary style clarity call and we will discuss what’s missing from your style and what you can do to dress better. Click here to book your call now!

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