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3 Ways To Ensure You’re Appropriately Dressed

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    Do you ever think about dressing appropriately? This is a big thing for my clients — they want to be taken seriously! And they know that when they take time on their outfits, it shows they care. And caring about how you look tells people that you care about other things. Like a huge project at work. Or your client’s best interests.

    The other thing about dressing appropriately is that it’s related to first impressions. While we know we are so much more than the clothes we wear, most people are judging us within the first seven seconds of seeing us. Your outfit speaks on your behalf. If it says the wrong thing, it can have a lasting impact.

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    Then there’s the big reason my clients like to dress appropriately, and this isn’t something we speak about while we’re working together…

    Dressing to feel appropriate gives a sense of belonging, and this is a basic need that motivates human behavior. We want to feel accepted! It helps us feel like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves. 

    Belonging Or Pleasing?

    The problem arises when dressing to belong becomes dressing to please. Too many women worry what others think! And to avoid looking inappropriate, they dress to please others. Once the goal is to please others, we give our power away.

    If you want to ensure that you’re always dressed appropriately, don’t let others determine what’s right for you or not. You decide! And to help you feel more confident in this decision, I’m sharing 3 ways to ensure you’re always dressed appropriately, on your terms!

    Click play on the video to learn how to know you’re dressed right!

    Dressing Appropriately

    There are 3 things to consider when you want to have a suitable outfit.

    1. The role you’re playing.
    2. Your styling non-negotiables.
    3. The way you want to feel.

    Once you’re clear on these 3 things, plan your outfit accordingly. Here’s some help to get started.

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    Who Do You Need To Be?

    This is the first question to ask yourself when thinking about what to wear. We all play many roles in our lives. I’m a mother, wife, stylist, co-working space member, 9th grade class rep, etc…

    Aligning your outfit to match your roles in life is quite simple. Decide who you need to be…whether you’re attending an event, or it’s a virtual job interview. Then dress for her. By tapping into your primary identity for the situation, your clothing options will simplify.

    For example, in this photo below I was the mother of the Bar Mitzvah. While it’s a role I never thought I’d embody, here I am! By knowing this is who I needed to be, it helped shape my outfit choice for the occasion.

    If you’re interviewing for job, think about future you as the woman who already has the job. What’s the role you’re playing in that job? Dress as her.

    The first step to feeling like you’re dressed appropriately is to be clear on your role.

    Your Clothes Have A Job

    Next you need to get clear on your styling non-negotiables. Your clothes have a job to do, and it goes beyond covering your body. There are specific external circumstances (like location, weather and activities) that must be dressed for. As well as internal desires (like personal taste, preferences and desire) you need to take into account.

    For the Bar Mitzvah, it was in December so I needed to feel warm. I chose a thick cotton jacquard fabric. I also wore tights. Another one of my styling non-negotiables is to not feel over exposed. I’m a little modest. So the high neckline and long sleeves fulfilled these expectations.

    When you’re putting together your outfit for an occasion, always take your styling non-negotiables into consideration as it’ll ensure you feel comfortable and dressed right. (Learn why you never wear that piece of clothing here and more about your styling non negotiables here.)

    Dress To Express Yourself

    Lastly, to ensure you’re dressed appropriately, think about how you want to feel. Since our clothes impact how we feel, take time to be intentional. Allow your outfit to enhance the qualities you want to bring forward in the situation. What’s the vibe you want to give off? 

    Back to the mother of the Bar Mitzvah, I wanted to feel respectable. But also festive and fashionable. The navy color always feels respectable to me. And the floral print and extreme A-line silhouette feel festive and fashionable.

    When you take time to get clear on the role you’re playing, your styling non-negotiables, and how you want to feel during your event, you will never question what you wear. Go through this line of questions the next time you have something important coming up. By putting the time in upfront, it will pay off by having a great outfit that you love and that feels comfortable.

    If you’ve got something coming up and you want to ensure you’re dressed appropriately, I can help! Book your complimentary style clarity call and we’ll discuss why don’t feel appropriately dressed. And what you can do to always know you’re wearing the right thing.

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