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How To Tell If Your Outfit Looks Good

    How to tell if your outfit works text overlay image of floral dress worn on a woman with yellow heels

    If you struggle with not knowing when your outfit looks good —whether it’s because your body has changed and you’re not used to dressing a new shape. Or you never understood how to flatter your body in the first place, these style tips will help.

    As a fashion stylist for private clients and commercial shoots, there’s always that moment when my client (or model if it was on a shoot) asks for feedback. They want to know if the outfit looks good, or not.

    Usually it goes like this: she’ll come out of the dressing room, glance at herself in the mirror, fidget with the hem of a skirt or the neckline, and then look to me for guidance.

    After doing this for over a decade—making women look their best—I’ve come to rely on a few factors to determine whether the clothes are flattering or not.

    To determine if your outfit looks good or not, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to make sure you always look and feel your best.

    Click the video to watch where I explain how to know if your outfit looks good, or continue reading on for more style advice.

    To determine if your outfit looks good, you’ll need to notice a few things. I always ask the following questions to see if what she’s wearing works or not.

    1. Does she look comfortable?

    It’s natural to fidget when first trying something on. But if she looks physically uncomfortable, that shows up in how she holds herself. It could affect her facial expression if she is tensing up. It can also affect her posture if it’s not fitting her well. When something isn’t right on a comfort level, it shows immediately. Often I don’t have to be the one to tell her this. Because she already feels it.

    To determine if your outfit looks good or not, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to make sure you always look and feel your best.

    2. Is there any weirdness in the size?

    Are the shoulders of the garment falling where they need to be? Is the bust line right? Is the butt area too baggy? Sometimes a tailoring job can help, and I always recommend a customized fit. But if a garment has any weird bunching or sits weirdly, it doesn’t look good.

    3. Do the colors flatter your skin tone?

    Certain colors, as beautiful as they are – like blush pink – don’t flatter a lot of skin tones. I’ve struggled with this myself. I’ll find a top in that pretty pale pink and want to wear it, but it washes me out. When a color suits your complexion it takes your entire outfit to the next level. It makes you look more vibrant.

    4. Does it look like you?

    Similar to the first question, this refers to the vibe, or personality, of the outfit. Does it reflect the person you are today? It’s fun to play and push boundaries in style, but going too far outside of yourself will keep you from fully expressing who you are.

    How to tell if your outfit works text overlay image of woman wearing floral dress and yellow high heel shoes.

    Knowing When Your Outfit Looks Good

    To determine if your outfit looks good, pay attention to how the outfit feels. If you’re uncomfortable, it will show. If there’s any weirdness in size —like bunching or puckering—it’s not the right fit. And if the colors don’t suit your skin, you won’t look vibrant and healthy.

    Lastly, the outfit must look like you. Stretching your style is always a good idea. But wearing an outfit that feels like someone else will never look good.

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    3 thoughts on “How To Tell If Your Outfit Looks Good”

    1. michele anderson

      I think you just know when it feels good on you and makes you feel special.

    2. Juliana Rhonsan

      I agree, it doesn’t matter if other people think it looks good or if it fits in or is “trending”, the only thing that matters is if it makes you feel good. When trying on an outfit try not to think about the latest trends and whats in and whats out. If you like it, then it looks amazing on you no matter what.

    3. That really helped inspire my outfit thank you so much

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