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From NYC To Your Closet: Shopping Tips From New York Fashion Week

    Photo: Ronnie Andren | From NYC to your closet: #shopping #tips from #NYFW | mind body soul stylist |

    Fashion month is on its last legs with Paris shows taking the stage. As the star trends are starting to emerge for SS16, my eye has been focused on what’s happening now, or more specifically on the streets of NYC when NYFW was in motion.

    I’m super excited about my collaboration with photographer Ronnie Andren, and together we’ve sourced some street style highlights to inspire your next fall purchases.

    Here, the most wearable trends from the streets of NYC during NYFW.

    fallblackGorgeous, right? This look combines several of the season’s trends: scarves, prints and midi length skirts. Let’s start with the scarves –though I love the idea of offsetting a bad hair day with something tied over my head, the technicality of tying it well is too daunting. (Perhaps after some serious youtube tutorial-ing I’ll get it down.) The bandana / western vibe, however is completely do-able, and totally a thing right now.

    Other awesome points to note: the mostly black ensemble is balanced by a burgundy bag, and there is a steady stream of cool prints mixed lightly for added interest.

    Shop pretty scarves here, here and here.
    Shop burgundy bags here, here and here.

    If the bandana style feels too desperado, try a longer (+ skinnier) variation tied tightly around the neck then dangled loosely like a necklace.

    Other awesome point to note: the effortless pairing of the camo sweatshirt with the flirty, fringe skirt. The relaxed top adds wearability to a skirt that may be reserved only for nights out. Don’t wait to wear your precious saving-for-a-special-occasion pieces! Get them in rotation immediately! The easiest way to begin is by making them un-precious and pairing them with comfort items that are already worn regularly. Also, fringe is big this season. If you’re into that flare, now is the time to show it.

    Shop skinny scarves here, here and here.

    The printed midi skirt is a lovely transition item with a length that can match no socks / sandals, or bulky boots as shown in the image of the woman wearing the headscarf. Pointy toed ankle boots would also go well with this look.

    Other awesome point to note: make your midi skirt bold — choose a solid bright, or a fun print to pop your statement.

    Shop printed, midi skirts here, here and here.

    You know those cascading cardigans that we’ve been seeing forever? Well, the kimono is the more delicate variation. With a touch of bohemian flavor, the kimono comes to life as it creates its own unique shape. While this look most definitely works in a more elegant atmosphere, I love the idea of wearing it over my yoga clothes to and from class for a more polished appeal. Think of it as your softer, laid back trench.

    Other awesome point to note: like the midi skirts above, you’ll want your kimono to be better than basic. Choose one in a cool color and / or pretty design.

    Shop kimonos here, here and here.

    With the potential to become your go-to of the season, the wide legged pant ranks high on the wearability chart. First off, how comfortable do they look? And balancing the flow-y-ness with structure in the blazer reads BOSS. The clutch (kind of hidden under her right arm) is the perfect accent for this ready for business outfit.

    Other awesome point to note: casual flats are the call when you’re going for a suited up look.

    Again, add more structure (like a handbag) to balance the loose flow of culottes. Sure, a fun graphic could be thrown in for laughs. But don’t skip over the metallic shoe — it’ll bring a boost, for sure. And yes, culottes are having a moment– they’re a solid option for fall fashion.

    Other awesome point to note: a heel goes great with the short hem, and will add some sexy to the style.

    Shop culottes here, here, and here.

    Which of these trends would you do?

    All photos by Ronnie Andren.
    Check out his work here and here.

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    2 thoughts on “From NYC To Your Closet: Shopping Tips From New York Fashion Week”

    1. SirenaTales

      Oh, how exciting your collaboration with the talented Ronnie Andren is, Elysha! Terrific idea beautifully executed. So pleased for you both to be providing the inspiration of collaboration for each other…and then sharing the great benefits with us.

      Obviously, I love all of your perceptive (and breezy) tips, as well. I have my eye on a pair of wide legged pants in wool bouclé–comfort, warmth and style all in one package. Love that! I hadn’t known about the kimono element, but am drawn to such unusual and dramatic elements and looking forward to checking out your link. Thank you for all of the beauty, my friend. xxo

    2. ST, I bet those wide legged pants in wool boucle´ suit you well. Thank you for your kind comment! Collaboration is such a win-win for everyone involved. I’m sure as a performer you know all about that. So happy to have you here! I hope you’re staying dry this weekend. x o x o

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