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How To See Little Annoyances As Opportunities For Mindfulness

    Rather than letting annoyances drag you down, start seeing them as reminders, or your wake up call to be more mindful instead.

    Rather than letting annoyances drag you down, start seeing them as reminders, or your wake up call to be more mindful instead.

    Want to talk little annoyances? Sadly, I had one recently without acknowledging the opportunity to be more mindful.

    It was the latest IOS update on the iphone.

    I did it right away – without much thought to the current mercury retrograde situation — and have been dealing with this lockout issue ever since. Basically, it takes me at least 6 or 7 tries of typing in my passcode for the phone to finally unlock. And each time I get that buzzing thing – you know, when the phone shakes NO — I get more frustrated which causes my dialing to become even less direct… so the buzz goes off again.

    For days this went on –several failed attempts of trying to get into my phone. And as I’d punch in the passcode, the angrier I’d get.

    Until I remembered the awesome comment my blogging buddy made on a recent post.

    She suggested using our distractions as a reminder to return to the present. The post was on meditation, and the idea was rather than letting our thoughts continually drag us deeper into our heads, why not see them as a starting point to join the moment?

    Brilliant, right?

    So much so that I’ve started to apply this technique to everything…well beyond my meditation cushion.

    Like the phone situation.

    Instead of freaking out that my phone isn’t reading my touch, take that opportunity to
    A. slow down.
    B. be more present.
    C. practice patience.

    So rather than let the annoyance get the best of me, I can turn it into something positive…useful even.

    Here are 7 more annoyances that can be flipped into opportunities for mindfulness.

    1. Standing in line at the bank while each customer up at the teller seems to be inquiring about a new mortgage.
    Practice good posture.

    2. Sitting in traffic. Crawling traffic.  And you’re running late.
    Notice your surroundings. Notice your reaction to your surroundings.

    3. Cleaning up broken glass that’s shattered into tons of pieces.
    Move slowly. Pay very close attention to your movement as you bend down and clean up the mess.

    4. Being in a bathroom stall with a door that doesn’t lock so it keeps creeping open while you are in there.
    Close your eyes. Inhale for 5. Hold the breath for 5. Exhale for 5.

    5. Arriving at your parked car only to find another car is blocking you in.
    Ground down into the soles of you feet. Lengthen long through the crown of your head.

    6. Approaching the elevator just as the door closes shut, in your face.
    Send good vibes to everyone in the elevator. And to all those in the building.

    7. Your alarm goes off in the morning at what feels like 2 hours too early.
    Remember how lucky you are, and all the good you’ve created in your life.

    What are some annoyances that you’ve turned into opportunities for mindfulness?

    4 thoughts on “How To See Little Annoyances As Opportunities For Mindfulness”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      Great post and REMINDER, Elysha!
      I have a confined space filled with hangers for drying clothes not appropriate for the dryer. There have been times when I am moving fast, the hangers get all tangled up, the more I push and pull, the more cursing the higher my blood pressure and my body posture is one jumbled mess. I have learned in this situation to yell either out loud if I am alone or in my head…”STOP!!!!!”
      It’s better if I walk out of the room, breathe, take a sip of water before going back to the task. I don’t have an answer for the long haul but even if we can stop, slow down and begin again once in a while…..I’d call that a win.

    2. Ah, yes — the tangled hanger scenario…I’ve dealt with that one many times while working on photoshoots. And I love how you point out that to begin again once in awhile is a win…so true, GGW. It’s all about these little “begin again” moments that keep us calm, cool and connected. Thank YOU!

    3. Friggin iPhone! I thought I was developing callouses on my thumb and it’s why it friggin won’t read my touch!

      Love your #1… simply stand in Samasthiti. =)

    4. So it’s not only me who has trouble with the friggin phone!!!! And yes- the simplicity of samasthiti…works wonders for the mind + body. xx thank you, Maia.

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