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Get Connected– mind, body & soul

    It’s gym day.

    I show up – looking fine in my butt-lifting leggings and arm endorsing tank. My pump-up playlist is prepped, and my water bottle is filled. I know why I’m here, and I’m ready to rock. With just a short bit of time allocated for exercise – this workout needs to be effective.

    Photo from Nike
    Photo from Nike

    In the next 45 mins I must:
    Release energy
    Break a sweat
    Feel results

    But then after only 4 mins and 41 seconds on the treadmill, my mind takes off. It starts to strategize on how to handle the next day’s school drop-off which coincides with my morning meeting. My body is left alone at the gym. I’m now just going through the motions.

    The workout concludes. I released energy. I broke a sweat. I’m feeling better than when I began.
    But something was definitely missing.

    If only I was able to put off the morning drop-off worries til later, I’d have given my mind the opportunity to engage with the workout. Then I’d be going with the motions– adding purpose to my movements.

    So at 16 mins and 32 seconds – rather than plotting on how to get the kids to school – my mind is called back to my body which enables me to find my stride. When Locked Out Of Heaven pops up on shuffle, I know it’s on.

    My soul is so ready to join in on the action!

    I’m no longer just exerting energy –I’m in expression mode.
    My movements are brought to life from the inside.

    I’m in the zone of mind, body and soul connection.

    Signs that I’ve arrived–
    Sometimes I’ll get chills.
    My surroundings drop out. I’m no longer aware of the treadmill timer ticking down.
    It’s just me and my workout (and that awesome playlist!)

    As my mind goes clear. My body opens to receive. My soul, now running the show, lifts me way beyond the gym!

    Honestly, I feel free.

    And when I’m connected like this — it’s all that really matters.

    After the cool down I sit with myself to absorb the after-effects of my body, mind and soul workout.
    And then I know exactly what I need to do.

    How do you workout your body, mind and soul?

    21 thoughts on “Get Connected– mind, body & soul”

    1. It is rare that I workout all three simultaneously, but I do work on each of them. I hike, practice yoga, and play. That takes my body where it wants to be. Everything else works on my mind and me. Sleep and meditation restore my body, mind and me.

    2. PLAY!! So important to do this. Also restore — I could probably incorporate more of this into my day. Thank You!

    3. I am brace my workouts fully as you describe enjoying yours and the playlist is king!

    4. Kelly Kuhn

      Hike in the woods – working my body hard while feeling that I am more “me” when I am surrounded my trees than anywhere else.

    5. Ah, so you are a nature girl! I love to surround myself in nature, but those times are few and far between in NYC. Thank you Kelly

    6. It has come up in several blogs I read all in quick succession. I think it is a word that is asking me to consider it and what it means for me on my path towards greater mindfulness. It is the middle of the night and I am awake….a little unsettled – I have more to learn about me just now. Night night

    7. luvwhatuce

      Love this! The part that totally resonated with me was, when you said “My surroundings drop out. It’s just me and my workout (and that awesome playlist!).” That is one of THE best feelings in the world (when it happens for me). This is really well written! πŸ™‚

    8. luvwhatuce– I’m sure as another blogger you fully understand that a compliment on the WRITING goes straight to the heart. Thank you for taking the time to comment — you made my day.

    9. luvwhatuce

      Hi Tamina,

      This may sound a bit silly, but I totally mean it…YOUR reply just made MY day! πŸ™‚

      I know how difficult writing can sometimes be (for me), so I truly appreciate reading someone else’s great work.

      Happy Sunday-

    10. luvwhatuce

      SO kind, SO kind!! I greatly appreciate it.

      Hope you have a nice week πŸ™‚

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