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What Gets You Moving?

    get groovy

    Diana Ross feeling groovy

    Is it to lose weight? Or stay fit?
    Is it your practice? Your study?
    Or is it simply a motivation to get you from point A to B?
    For me, it’s to stay connected — to myself. And perhaps something bigger.

    It’s how I meditate.

    When I’m running (or dancing, or doing yoga or whatever the movement may be for the day) something happens.
    It could take at least 15 mins to kick in. But when it does, I know it’s on!

    There’s goose bumps.
    And chills.

    My energy gets stirred.  My mind becomes clear.  My best ideas happen.

    Movement is a major form of my self-expression. It’s 100% vital to who I am.
    It’s the force that unites my mind, body and soul.

    And it’s absolutely essential to get my groove going!

    Why do you move?

    14 thoughts on “What Gets You Moving?”

    1. Exercise makes me feel better and it improves my mood. Apparently, I get cranky if I go to long without exercising. I also really enjoy it.

    2. It helps me think out problems, come up with ideas, its almost like once I get my body in motion it frees my mind to relax and go wild!

    3. Jenny, I am right there with you! Does it help you feel calm? Because for me, after all the motion, I am usually left with an overall sense of calm.

    4. Yes, actually & like the world is in order. I get similar calmness from cleaning – deep cleaning not just a slight pick up. So probably the moving there too!

    5. SirenaTales

      LOVE movement–especially dance, but also walking, yoga, swimming, bicycling, bodysurfing…..! I’ve been passionate about dancing for 50+ years because it gives me joy to do it and others to view it; as a creative outlet; as a spiritual practice; to exercise my body AND brain; to release tension; to put a joyful, positive vibe out into the world; as a social activity; and, yes, as a meditation and a vehicle to ground myself. And definitely for those shining moments of transcendence. Rock on!

    6. Movement is my meditation, my spiritual practice. Some people read scripture or sing hymns to find god; I dance. When I saw this quote from 5Rhythms founder Gabrielle Roth, I knew that I was not alone:
      “The more you dance, the more you sweat. The more you sweat, the more you pray. The more you pray, the closer you come to ecstasy.”

    7. Gabrielle Roth has been a big inspiration for me as well. I love this one from her:
      “Put your suffering into art. Put your art into awareness. Put your awareness into action”. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

    8. Kelly Kuhn

      I move (preferably hiking and walking, sometimes aerobics) because my body wants it – wants to sweat and stretch and feel strong. The bonus is finding God outside, processing issues in my head, or discovering what my next blog post will be.

      Thanks for this post. It’s a great reminder.

    9. It’s amazing to listen to your body, and give it what it wants. I truly believe that our bodies know what’s best for us. Thank you Kelly!

    10. Thanks for the like and the follow 🙂

      You have good content, looking forward to some further reading 🙂

      I move because it releases energy!!


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