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Get Moving: Shake Your Soul Yogadance


    Do you ever have that feeling that you’ve got to step outside of your normal routine, and try something new?  Consider it a calling, or just an inner nag that knows it’s time to shake things up.

    It happened to me last week when I was scrolling through my twitter. The words Shake Your Soul: Yogadance jumped out of my feed, and right into my calendar.

    It didn’t matter that the 5:30pm time slot was way off from my usual movement routine (I prefer to rise, shine then exercise). I also didn’t care that it was taking place in an NYU conference room (fluorescent lights) which meant my soul would probably be the oldest one shaking that eve (it was).  I was going to Shake My Soul: Yogadance no matter what. It was something I knew I needed to try. Here’s how what it looked like.

    What to know about Shake Your Soul: Yogadance:
    It’s a free-form movement class (dance party!). The intention is to go deeper into your body to open yourself to all that comes up. Your movement becomes the expression for what’s happening inside. The teacher explained that she’ll lead a little bit, but we were encouraged to move like only we can. The physical yoga part came at the end in the form of a few Sun Salutes and final relaxation, but the practice felt very yoga-like. It’s about self discovery.

    What the scene looks like:
    The fluorescent lights revealed all! Fresh faced NYU students moved and grooved to their hearts content. They were dressed to sweat — yoga pants, tees,  and tanks. Oh, one woman was wearing a tight white sheath dress.

    The soundtrack.
    Tribal, trance-y instrumental. Lorde was the only song I recognized, and it was superfun to dance to Royal with the college crowd.

    The rhythm of the room:
    It ebbed and flowed. For the primal part we got down and funky (and literally crawled around the floor). For the heart section we luxuriated in long, languid movements with a twirl here and there.

    Mostly mind, body or soul workout?
    All of it. I was a little tired that evening so I didn’t challenge my body like I may have if it was a morning class, and the atmosphere definitely felt a little dry with the conference tables and chairs pushed to the side. But I did get revived – my mind had slowed down for my soul to have some fun.

    7 thoughts on “Get Moving: Shake Your Soul Yogadance”

    1. SirenaTales

      TT, Thanks for the inspiration–and synchronicity! Not 5 minutes ago, I was thinking about how I need to try something new as many of my dance classes are on break while my performances approach. I.e., I need to stay in dancing shape on my own. I was just about to check out local yoga classes when I saw your post. Wish I could find a Yogadance class, but even if not, you’ve inspired me to look for something fresh! Yay! xoxo

    2. ST, I was feeling the urge to try something new too — so this class came at a great time. It also added a new appreciation to my familiar yoga practice.

      BTW, are you near Kripalu? Because I think they offer Yogadance there as part of their noon dance series.
      Or if you checkout Shake Your Soul online you can see where their offerings are — it’s a pretty widespread class.

      Thanks for your support! xoxo

    3. i love this kind of free-form dance. they happen quite a lot in my city but i haven’t been in a while. you’ve inspired me to go back! it never fails to amaze me how rejuvenating it is, on all levels. thanks : ) aleya

    4. Rejuvenating is a good word for it — I don’t think anybody leaves one of these classes wishing they hadn’t done it. Thanks, Aleya!

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