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MindBodySOUL Style + The Red Carpet


    At the Oscars, Ellen did a pretty fantastic job of rallying the stars to be just like us with group selfies and pizza parties. OK– so maybe our selfies aren’t exactly of the iconic stature that hers was. And most of us aren’t eating pizza served by Brad Pitt … but still. There was something sweet about Ellen’s gesture of sparking the A-list to come down– just a teeny bit –off their pedestal of Hollywood Royalty.

    When I watched the red carpet (to research for my piece here) I  wondered — which of these women feel good, comfortable and are truly expressing who they are? Sure, it’s fun to play dress up. And many would jump at the chance to be a princess for the night. But with the exquisite gowns and beyond bling-y jewels on temporary loan, some are literally enacting a Cinderella routine. Although when the clock strikes 12, it’s not a pumpkin they’re turning into it… it’s the return to their true self. So which actresses didn’t have to role play on the red carpet? Who was able to radiate with MindBodySOUL style?   Here’s my take on that.

    J-LawWith such ease + grace,  Jennifer Lawrence captures a light heartedness, inner beauty and resilience that outshines her Dior dress.

    jenniferJennifer Garner looked flirty, fabulous and totally ready to shimmy. Love that this mom of 3 keeps it moving.US-OSCARS-ARRIVALSAmy Adams told interviewers that she didn’t work with a stylist for the Oscars because she wanted to be completely in charge of what she wore. The sophisticated, tuxedo-like gown showed she’s a serious actress, and even more important she said, it felt like me.


    Cate Blanchett  said her dress felt heavy, but she loved it. Hey, I’m all for a little pain to gain…as long as she’s wearing what she loves.

    Who do you think captured their MindBodySOUL style at the Oscars?

    6 thoughts on “MindBodySOUL Style + The Red Carpet”

    1. SirenaTales

      TT, I only caught a couple of minutes of the Oscars, so thank you for catching me up and offering your wonderful take on things. I read your article, as well. Cool and beautiful. xoxo

    2. I would have to agree with you on Lupita Nyong’o. She is the epitome of style, grace and beauty. So exciting to see her having a Cinderella moment.

    3. Cinderella indeed, with her blue princess dress complete with tiara / headband. Oh and that acceptance speech — so eloquent. She is a true beauty! Thanks for your comment.

    4. Love this post and I checked out your article as well! Well done! I actually didn’t catch J-Law taking a tumble out of the limo. But I agree with you there…she always recovers so gracefully.:) And Lupita is such a stunning, down-to-earth and articulate woman. She’s got an amazing career ahead of her. Oh and they should create speech awards just for her!

      – Donna

    5. Thank you, Donna! I read a great interview with Lupita in NY Magazine…her story is pretty amazing as this was her first job out of school. I don’t think this will be the last acceptance speech we hear from her.

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