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Give It Up For The Beat

    I’m not so sure if my fascination (or perhaps obsession) with all things rhythmic began because I married a drummer, or did I marry a drummer because of this obsession? (Hmmmm, I’m kinda thinking it’s the latter.)   Either way, I love a strong, solid beat.  To me, it’s the source leading to a serious shake-down of sound.

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    In order to get closer to the source, I enrolled in an African dance class.  I was already clued into the power of the djembe (bongo drum to some). I’d bought DH one back at the beginning (then later had to stash said purchase as M & G discovered their pure power = banging full force!).

    In African dance there’s a communication between dancer and drummer, and when it’s on — get ready to experience true joy!  As a beginner, I definitely stumbled over the steps — the dance does contain choreography.  And though I do consider myself somewhat coordinated…I’m more of a free-form kind of girl.  Performing practiced moves — not so much my thing.

    The good news is it doesn’t really matter in African dance.  Yes, you do want to be in the loop with each move, but what you really need is to tap into the rhythm of the drum.  My moves weren’t perfect (or even close), but I was feeling it.  Actually, it’s pretty hard not to feel the rhythm when every move is punctuated by pulsating percussion!  It will take over your body.

    If you ever wonder about offering yourself up to something bigger…a live drumming African dance class just may be your ticket.

    Watch the beauty here:

    And check out Fela Kuti, an original in the Afro-beat scene.

    12 thoughts on “Give It Up For The Beat”

    1. SirenaTales

      Love African dance and drumming classes. So joyful–and great workout for body and soul….Great post.

    2. so pleased you stopped to visit so I had a chance to come here! I play djembe but nothing like these drummers…

    3. The drumbeat is our heartbeat, the sound that filled our ears while we floated in utero. It is so primal, a song embedded in our muscles, blood, and brain tissue. It is hard NOT to respond to the sound of the drumbeat! I’ve taken a few African dance classes myself; I love letting my body respond to percussion. Also, every time I attend a drum circle I always inevitably end up dancing. It’s impossible to sit still!

    4. That’s awesome, and so true! Our response to the drum comes from such a deep place…whether we know it, or not. Thank you for sharing

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