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Go For The Feel

    When you’re doing that thing you love — singing, dancing, cooking, writing, or whatever it may be– are you thinking about it? Or are you feeling it? Because while it is necessary to learn the basics, in order to be at your best –you’ll eventually need to let it all go.  And do it by heart. You know, without looking at the words. Without reading the notes. You’ll do it as you feel, as your soul wants it done.


    Mick Jagger Demonstrates The Feel

    Artists give the most groundbreaking performances when they go to that place of becoming their art.  Of course they’ve got the technique, but it’s their interpretation of the technique that takes it to the next level of originality.   Listen to Adele singing this live version of Chasing Pavements. She even comments at the end, “I really got into that then!”.  This is the way innovation occurs — beyond thinking.  It’s the feel.

    Of course, all of us can’t sound like Adele. But we can be at our best, with the feel.  I’ve seen it in SPIN when the rider in front is adding her bits to the choreography…she’s got the feel!  I had it today at the gym. Daft Punk was playing, and my stationary bike ride turned into a dance party!  I felt it so strong– I didn’t care who saw me (they’ve seen this before!).  Kids exist purely on the feel.  When M and G sing their hearts out — their cute little faces reveal the power of the song while their voices express only as they can do…with the feel.

    So just like the great artists (okay, perhaps minus some technique),  we all have the feel.  You just have to stop thinking and allow it to happen.

    When do you totally let go, and feel your way through the activity?

    6 thoughts on “Go For The Feel”

    1. SirenaTales

      So true! I like to say “it’s not about the steps” when I teach dance class or set choreography. As you so aptly say, we may need some foundation and then let it rip with who we are, our own unique “feel.” For me? Dancing, writing, cooking, singing. yoga, bodysurfing, eating delicious food with people I like….Thanks for helping me return to that “flow” place. xoxo

    2. Kelly Kuhn

      When I’m dancing for sure, and also singing. Thanks for the post!

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