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Moving After Dark

    Sometimes I get so caught up in my day to day that I forget to give it up at night. Yesterday was Date-Night.  For us, that meant cool music, a crowded dancefloor and care-free attitudes to keep us going for hours. Usually, I get my movement on in the morning, the earlier the better. But there’s nothing like an occasional late-nighter as a reminder — shaking it up after dark is fun!


    I’m not sure if it was because of the vibrant energy, the sexy lighting, or finally being able to wear my new big-girl shoes.  Whatever — all the elements clicked – it was awesome!

    I highly recommend a night out dancing to fully experience your soul expression.

    The downside?  Doesn’t really work with your early am routine.

    8 thoughts on “Moving After Dark”

    1. Hope you’re recovering well!
      (Learning to nap after work can be a great skill to have, by the way. Back when I had a job that required me to be at the office at 5 or 6:30 a.m., I was still able to go out with my roomies at night. Of course, that was a long time ago and, needless to say, I was much younger. But, oh, the memories.)

    2. Jnana, I can remember going straight from the party to work back in the day!! I’ve never been a good napper though. I’m more of an early to bed kind of girl on those days. Yesterday wasn’t so bad though — I think the sleep deprivation from when my kids were little has set a new standard for how little sleep I can function on. Thanks for sharing!

    3. I so know what you are saying. I LOVE going out dancing. It absolutely makes me feel alive. Thanks for the reminder. And not plan anything until at least noon the next day.

    4. Exactly!! It’s such a break from the routine (at least for those who don’t go out regularly) and is a whole other kind of fun. Thanks, Jeanne!

    5. SirenaTales

      Ahhhhh, going out dancing…..Love that. How cool that you so vividly describe the wonderful exhilaration of that experience, making my skin tingle :). Thanks for the happy inspiration. xoxo p.s. Is that you? Gorgeous!

    6. It was an exhilarating night! And I love sharing the details to people like you (who totally get how fun & freeing a night of dance can be!)…thank you for your kind words. PS: it’s not me in the photo — I’m way too shy to post photos of myself like that!!

    7. SirenaTales

      I wanted you to know that you were a major inspiration for my packing my yoga mat and doing a short yoga bit in our hotel rooms during our recent 1200 mile road trip (each way). Ahhhhh, so helpful. Thanks, TT. xoxo

    8. Wow! This makes me SO happy. To know that I was your inspiration to get on the mat is HUGE! Honestly, ST, the fact that you’re getting something from my little blog means everything to me. It inspires me to keep at it…it’s like “ah, someone IS reading! and she gets it!” Thank you so much for sharing this. Oh, I’m also really glad you got some yoga in on the road. I bet it did make a difference in your day….it always does. xoxo

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