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Go Listen — Daft Punk Gets Down With The Soul Train

    Have you heard Daft Punk’s new album – Random Access Memories yet?  Get Lucky is gearing up to be the song of the summer, and with good reason. It’s a sensational dance track! Completely retro with a modern spin.

    soul train

    And to hear pop songs moving in this direction of Giving Life Back to Music— is a very good thing!  How many songs nowadays can get their groove going down the soul train?

    Oh, and while this tune plays allover the radio…I cannot get Instant Crush off my brain.


    Daft Punk is turning up everywhere! Yesterday in mila’s yoga class we got a sweet treat during handstand practice.

    You can stream the entire album on spotify.
    Feel free to start your own soul train! I did.


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    7 thoughts on “Go Listen — Daft Punk Gets Down With The Soul Train”

    1. I totally love my 70’s rock station I stream in from London… always grooving to the 70’s when I cook! Boogy Nights!!

    2. That’s awesome, Jenny! I’m curious to know what station you’re streaming in London ..we can listen to Internet radio in our kitchen too!

    3. On my app Tune In radio it’s SKY.FM Hit 70s that’s US I got it mixed with my Absolute 8s which says its the UK’s Only 80s Radio Station 😉

    4. SirenaTales

      Thanks for yet another great set of tips for MOVING, TT!! Love these! And how about the cool moves of those dancers–more love. I appreciate all of your inspiration. xoxo p.s. Off to make my own solo Soul Train :). xoxo

    5. I got them both! Thank you for getting back to me, Jenny. I really like Sky.FM hit 70s! They’ve got some groovy stuff playing right now.

    6. Yes, those dancers know how to SHAKE IT! I love watching their moves. So glad you enjoyed too, ST xo PS: I bet you can get a fab solo Soul Train going!!

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