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Yoga Off The Mat (And Into Our Homework)

    I’ll just say it — helping M with homework isn’t one of my fave activities.  I’d much rather take him to the Guggenheim.  Or a Dance Parade.  To sit and go through the usual assignments (write about this, draw that, number charts, blah blah blah) is a just bit blasé in my book.  The other day we were working on the Empire State Building segment of his packet (to accompany the architecture study).  He needed to write about the Rivet gang,  the steel frames, and the foundation.   I’m barely there– already thinking about what to make for dinner….but then…wait — what about the foundation?


    I know about the foundation!  Okay maybe not on the ESB, per say.  But I’m a yoga chick.  I’ve spent years working on the foundation!  This may actually be something I can teach M!

    So I tell him that building a solid foundation is the essential first step for expansion.  I think about Tadasana or mountain pose.  It’s where most yoga practices begin.  The ultimate foundation.


    I explain that the foundation begins in the ground, like a root.  It provides stability for balance.  I think to my tree pose, grounding down in my feet while my arms lengthen up towards the sky.

    I go on to say that it takes a lot of time, energy and care to create a firm foundation. (This ties into the Rivet Gang — who knew I’d accomplish that?!)

    He simply summed it up, “You need a strong base in order to build up.”

    Empire State Building by M
    Empire State Building by M

    I’d say he gets it —

    What did I leave out? Anything you can share about the foundation?

    9 thoughts on “Yoga Off The Mat (And Into Our Homework)”

    1. And focus, focusing that ground into the earth, focusing your breath (well I guess maybe not for a building) but focus on your balance. I love how he summed it up!

    2. SirenaTales

      What a cool and wise mom you are. Love this. xo

    3. SirenaTales

      Just came in from doing several sun salutations in my front yard, after having pulled out my mat yesterday for brief yoga fest– both thanks to you and your keeping yoga enthusiastically in my awareness. Thank you, TT!!! Xoxo

    4. Your comment makes me SO happy! To know that I’ve inspired you to the yoga mat — Honestly ST, this is exactly why I write this blog. To inspire movement. Thank you thank you thank you xo

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