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Go Read: The Science Of Being Great

    Go Read: The Science Of Being Great | | Mind Body Soul Stylist

    Go Read: The Science Of Being Great | | Mind Body Soul Stylist
    Have you ever heard of The Secret? Well, Wallace D. Wattles who wrote The Science of Being Great was the inspiration. He was the originator of the law of attraction, you know, that whole think it, and it will become a thing.

    But that’s not what drew me to this book. What got me was his approach. He sees the soul, our own essence, as the foundation for greatness.

    If you’re not into God talk, including Jesus, then this book is not for you. But if you’re open to an attitude shift that delves into spirituality and limitless possibility, then you may be ready for this read. (Full disclosure: I learned about this book a couple years ago, and have only gotten to it now.)

    One of Wattles’ first principles is point of view. And despite the fact this book was first published in 1910, it felt so timely. He instructs us to think in terms of evolution; the world we live in today is not complete. So whatever seems wrong is merely a work in progress.

    It will make an immense difference with your faith and spirit whether you look upon civilization as a good thing that is becoming better, or as a bad and evil thing that is decaying. One viewpoint gives you an advancing and expanding mind and the other gives you a descending and decreasing mind.

    On the soul:

    If you are to be great, the greatness must be a manifestation of something within, and this something must be the very greatest and highest that is within. It is not the mind, or the intellect, or the reason. You cannot be great if you go no farther back for principle than to your reasoning power. By going back to your own center you can always find the pure idea of right for every relationship. To be great and to have power it is only necessary to conform your life to the pure idea as you find it in the GREAT WITHIN.

    Any law of attraction believer knows you can’t just sit on your couch thinking up all the greatness you are going to achieve by doing nothing. But Wattles gives really simple steps on how to start the wheels turning in your favor. He says:

    You can begin to be great today; and you can begin to make yourself known as great by doing everything you do in a great way. You must put the whole power of your great soul in to every act, however small and commonplace. If you are not in an environment where there is scope for your best powers and talents you can move in due time; but meanwhile you can be great where you are.

    And also this:

    Next, and most important, you must have absolute faith in your own perceptions of truth. Never act in haste or hurry; be deliberate in everything; wait until you feel that you know the true way. And when you do feel that you know the true way, be guided by your own faith though the entire world shall disagree with you.

    He values the calm and balanced mind, and offers a meditation which he calls an illustrative mental exercise to help encourage clarity.

    The calm and balanced mind is the strong and great mind; the hurried and agitated mind is the weak one. Whenever you fall into the mental state of hurry you may know that you have lost the right viewpoint; you are beginning to look upon the world, or some part of it, as going wrong.

    This book is an oldie which comes through in some of the language. But the principles are solid. It all boils down to having a positive attitude. And as bleak as the world may look, it’s certainly more beneficial – for everyone – to stay in the positive place. Though the other option (to be negative) may be easier, it’s certainly not the healthier choice.

    Buy the book here.

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