Here’s How To Get Your Workout In When You Can’t Make It To Class

Here’s How To Get Your Workout In When You Can’t Make It To Class

We are in Florida this week which makes it a little challenging to keep up with my fitness routine. And while often I use my time away as downtime from my workout, sometimes it feels really good to move while on vacation. So I’ve rounded up a few ways to fit your exercise in no matter where you are.

5 Ways To Find Fitness When You’re Out Of Your Regular Routine

1. Go for a run
This is what I love about running….you can do it anywhere and anytime! You’re not relegated to some class schedule that’s impossible to work with. I always pack my running shoes when heading out of town.

2. Go on a hike AKA walking
Perhaps not a high impact, sweat inducing option, BUT if you keep a steady pace – one that feels slightly uncomfortable- you will get that heart rate up to give your body a boost. In LA last month, I hiked for about an hour and felt sore the next day. It was definitely a workout!

3. Swim
Despite not being a good swimmer, I’ll still do laps when possible. In Iceland, when pool time was a huge part of the trip, I managed to do 30 minutes or so pretty frequently. It was a super way to mix family time with my workout.

4. Bike
Though I love biking, I don’t usually do it for fitness. (Except in Soulcycle.) It’s more of a way for me to get around. But in the city, it’s mostly flat, traffic filled streets I’m riding on. Put me on a hill and let me crank up the speed…I’ll count that as exercise!

5. Yoga
I used to always pack my mat with me, just in case, when traveling. Now I don’t bother because it’s too big. But that won’t stop me from doing yoga. A rug is fine for a little routine, and when there’s no rug, the hard floor is okay too, particularly for a standing series. If you don’t do much yoga, a few simple poses will help balance mind and body which is a wonderful addition to any vacation.

How do you exercise when away from home?


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  1.' terry says:

    Amen, Elysha. Great tips. If there is a will there is a way. With these tips you can exercise anywhere.

  2. Takes just a bit of mental effort, more than the physical. Keep smiling, El. Wishing you and your gang joy and strength in the new yr.

  3. Good point, D! It may require extra motivation. Wishing you and yours well wishes for 2017!

  4. That’s the goal– sweet and simple.
    Happy New Year, Terry!

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