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Home Practice: Streaming Exercise


    When I was a teen, I’d step into my leg warmers and leotard to get my exercise on with 20 Minute Workout. It was a tv program of 3 woman — also in leg warmers and leotards — who led me through 20 minutes of booty blasting cardio. I’d jump around the family room as if I was having my very own dance party with the three 80s ladies included.

    Many years later, when M was an infant, I found myself working out with the tv again. This time it was Exercise Sportskool that came with our cable programming. I got into Cardio Abs, along with Fitness Fusion, Kickboxing Cardio and Ballet Workout.

    I don’t exercise with the tv anymore. Mostly because I haven’t had to — since learning the ashtanga primary series of yoga — I have an on-the-go routine I can do anywhere. And I happen to love creating my own sequences of yoga / dance party madness. It’s part of my home practice.

    But not everyone wants to make up their own exercise routine..I get that.
    The other day a friend was saying she prefers to take class so she can be told what to do….I get that too.
    I’ve definitely had those days when I want the teacher to call out the moves, and all I have to do is show up then follow.

    So the idea of streaming exercise makes perfect sense in theory.
    You can take a led ashtanga class with Richard Freeman, practice vinyasa with Shiva Rea or meditate with Sally Kempton– it’s the best of the best in your living room!

    Except there’s no communal energy to feed from.

    I did notice a guy at the gym this morning with his device streaming Insanity or something like that as he was high-kicking along. I was nearby along with a handful of others doing their individual workouts…does that count as communal energy?

    Another friend raves about Insanity. She’s a busy mom who doesn’t get much me time. She says the program has gotten her in the best shape. I don’t doubt that– she looks fab, and I’m sure she’s feeling fantastic about it. So this is a strong endorsement for working out with a video.

    Personally, it’s hard for me to conjure up my best energy when it’s just me and the tv. Plus I get so damn distracted by the dust bunnies under the couch and all the clothes lying around. (But this is an issue with my home practice as well –> another post.)

    Then there’s my editor who confessed she’s doing YogaGlo. She lives upstate and I can totally understand why she does it — she wants class with top notch teachers, and that’s not an option where she is.

    Clearly, there’s a market for streaming exercise. When I was a new mom, and a teen living in the burbs it suited me well. Now, I’m not sold. Though I will say after watching the Insanity preview I am a bit curious to start that program—30 mins a day for those results?!?!? Tempting.

    What do you think about streaming exercise or yoga? Do you do it, and if yes, what do you do?

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