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Go See- Stomp A Pulse Odyssey

    Curious what the rhythm of the world looks like?  Me too!  Then I saw Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey, and I can honestly say –  their view works for me!  It’s harmony with a bang!  Pure power filtered through raw essence emerging straight from the heart.   Awesome, indeed!  Starting off in NYC, the beat then travels to all corners of the globe, particularly the areas that celebrate the drumming collective — Africa, Japan, India, and Brazil are just a few.  Without a doubt, I’ve surrendered a soft spot for all types of percussion — did this happen after I married a drummer?  Or is this the reason I married a drummer?  Either way, this film is an absolute must-see for anyone who’s moved by the beat.

    Check out the trailer here:

    Then go make your move.

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