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How To Get What You Really Want In 2018

    Goal setting is hugely valuable when you want to see achievements. But it's not about picking any goal. It's about goal setting with intention and clarity.

    How is your goal setting coming along for the new year?

    As more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, I’ve often struggled with setting goals (and following through). I’ve always just felt my way through…tuning into my intuition to figure out my next move. And while I love this approach of connecting to the mind, body and soul to stay on track with your truth, I’ve come to realize that goal setting is hugely valuable when you really want to see achievements.

    But it’s not just about picking any goal.

    Click play to watch the video where I share how to achieve your goals in 2018, or continue reading below.

    Similar to what I shared in my post on gratitude, it’s about getting super specific with what it is you’re after.

    It’s all about goal setting with intention and clarity.

    Goal setting is hugely valuable when you want to see achievements. But it's not about picking any goal. It's about goal setting with intention and clarity.

    And I’ve got a little story to illustrate this point.

    Back in the summer, I was sitting in Starbucks working on my laptop, and I noticed this woman taking photos of all these clothes that she kept pulling out from a shopping back. It didn’t take long for me to recognize that she’s a stylist and she was snapping pics to send to her client (a task we are often assigned while prepping a shoot). As I watched her working, I noticed her awesome pair of jeans. They were Levi’s with a red tag. High waisted, light wash, straight leg with an original hem (it had that wrinkled effect that you lose as soon as you have your jeans shortened.) I loved how they fit her and I became obsessed with finding this pair of pants.

    For the next 5 months, I searched hi and low for the exact same thing. Reformation had something similar, but instead of being original Levi’s, they were repurposed by Reformation and the fit wasn’t so good for me.

    As my desperation grew, I started to look at other brands – gap, Acne, Derek Lam. I found nothing that satisfied.

    But I continued to look. And stayed patient.

    Finally, on Black Friday weekend (because it’s no longer just one day!) I found exactly what I wanted at Aritzia. I never even knew they carried Levi’s but lo and behold, upstairs on the 2nd floor on a table covered with all kinds of denim, I found what my pair.


    So the lesson here which applies to any type goal, style wise or not:

    1. Be super clear on what you want. Create a vision.
    2. Be patient. Don’t give into the desperation of settling for something less.
    3. Do the work. I kept looking for the jeans, and never stopped. You must work for whatever it is you want.
    4. Trust that it will come.

    I hope this helps you achieve what you set out for in 2018.
    And I look forward to hearing from you as you accomplish your goals.

    Happy New Year!

    4 thoughts on “How To Get What You Really Want In 2018”

    1. Michele Anderson

      Great post! I agree–never give up and be patient. My goal is to stay present and don’t let those past or future things creep in.

    2. I went through a similar situation, trying to find a pair of grey jeans. I could not find exactly what I wanted. Yet, I knew that if I was willing to spend the money then they had to be perfect. I wasn’t about to settle on a pair that wasn’t right, waste money, and have another item of clothing that sits in my closet never to be worn. I think this is a great post and the idea can relate to anything in your life.

      FYI – I so love the blog’s tagline Mind Body Soul Stylist. Coming up with a tagline that is perfect is hard. Yours is awesome and I know exactly what your blog is about. Kudos to you! (I’m struggling with it now bc I’m changing my blog’s focus a bit) lol

    3. Thanks for your feeback on my tag line…I appreciate it. It is tough capturing your brand essence in a few words.
      I just looked at your site and love the design…so vibrant!

      And yes- I do think the principles of patience and waiting for what you really want can definitely be applied beyond shopping.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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