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Going Gray? Here’s What To Know

    If you’re sick of dying your hair, and thinking about going gray, this post is for you! I am joined by my friend and colleague Katie Emery from the blog, Katie Goes Platinum. She is an expert on the topic!

    In her early 50s, Katie decided to let go of her life long identity of being a brunette with green eyes. It was a big decision that revealed so much more than just a change in hair color.

    In this conversation we discuss:

    ✔️The hardest part of transitioning your hair

    ✔️Tips to make the process more manageable

    ✔️ Living with the new “gray haired” identity 

    ✔️ The little known truth about mixing with silver with hair dye

    ✔️How going gray is an act of rebellion

    Click play to watch the video and listen in on my conversation with Katie. 

    Checkout Katie’s Resources On Going Gray

    Get the book here!

    Every Which Way to Gray: Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning to Naturally Silver Hair

    Read the blog!
    Katie Goes Platinum

    Tell us in the comments below: Are you thinking of letting your hair go natural? Are you already gray? Or are you happy to keep dying your hair?

    If you’re in the midst of a transition, this post will help you define your style.

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