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Workwear That’s In Store This Season

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been styling a commercial shoot. My job, to dress 14 people, means a lot of shopping! So I spent 6 days in store plus another day online.

    I had 10 racks of clothing for my shoot.

    The commercial’s creative direction was quite specific. Everything must be either light blue or light green. I love when there’s a clear vision for a look. But when that vision is out of season and not a trending color, it’s hard to find! 

    As I was in and out of the stores I noticed certain themes (i.e. trends) emerge. And that’s what I’m sharing today. But because I was shopping for clean and professional looks — office attire, if you will — that’s what these styles are grounded in. 

    Keep reading to see what’s in store for workwear this fall.

    3 tie tops from my shoot

    Tie Tops

    Also known as the pussy bow blouse, this scarf + shirt combo serves as a nice variation for a blazer underpinning. On my shoot, I proposed to dress one woman in this style, but the client said she looked too much like a flight attendant. If I were to wear a top like this, it would be in a print, or a fun bold color — neither of which were called for on this job. 

    Trying on one of the blazers from my job. Not my style! (And it’s too big.)

    Blazers with Ruching

    This feels very trendy to me. When my assistant and I inspected one at H&M, my first thought was “No Way!” But she convinced me of their modern appeal so I caved and bought several. We used one for the commercial!

    Shiny Fabrics

    While I love the shimmer of a bold metallic — particularly for shoes and bags — I am not a fan of a satin finish on a blouse. Traditionally, this look is reserved for going out at night, but that’s no longer the case. Shiny shirts are everywhere, even in office attire! I didn’t buy any for my job because the sheen doesn’t play nicely with the lights on set. And I knew the client would never go for it.

    That’s what you’ll see in-store this season for workwear.

    Tell me in the comments below — which will you wear!

    6 thoughts on “Workwear That’s In Store This Season”

    1. I recently bought a couple of silk shirts for work. I already have one bold tie top print in red chiffon that I love as it’s so retro.

    2. My mom had a pussy now top in the 80s and I loved it! I’ll be happy to look for one this spring!

    3. Wearing the proper and right attire for the season and weather can play a significant role in job performance and safety. In hot weather, wearing lightweight and breathable materials can help prevent heat exhaustion and increase comfort on the job. This was really helpful in styling ourselves in this season.

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