How To Define Your Style

How To Define Your Style

To help you understand how to look your best, here are the four foundational elements that allow you to define your style.

If you’re trying to define your style because you’ve either lost touch with this part of yourself – the one that cared about what you wore.

Or you’re in transition with a new body that’s shifted with age. And you haven’t quite figured out how to put it all together into a look that feels right for you. It may be time to take a new approach.

Rather than look to Pinterest, style bloggers and celebrities to tell you what to wear, it’s better if you look within yourself. Consider your personal style an extension of your personal growth. 

Watch the video where I share the essential elements of defining your style.

And read on to learn more about defining your style.

Styling The In-Between Is Never A Good Look

As your life changes due to a new identity, your style must change too. And in that transition there is always that moment (which can drag out for months, even years) when you’re in-between.

The old you is no more. You can’t go back there. Yet you aren’t settled into the new you. So you have nothing to wear that feels right!

Your style becomes a lackluster expression of who you used to be with no real sense of the person you’re becoming.

So if you’d like the clarity you need to fully step into the woman you want to be – wearing the right outfits and all – there are four foundational elements that are essential to understand when defining your style.

To help you understand how to look your best, here are the four foundational elements that allow you to define your style.

The Foundational Elements To Define Your Style

1 Self Awareness

By knowing who you are, you’re better equipped to state yourself style wise. On one level, it’s knowing your preferences – what you love and what you dislike- which shape your taste. But on a deeper level, it’s about knowing what makes you feel good, and how to access that. Your style is the outer reflection of the inner so the more you are in touch with how you want to be, the easier it is to dress for that.

2. Letting Go

In personal development, the idea of letting go gets compared to the peeling of an onion. You keep shedding the outer layer – your outdated beliefs and habits – until eventually you reach the core. This translates to style by letting go of your outdated clothing. As you age, your tastes will shift and change. And often we don’t allow our closets to keep up with the change. Our wardrobes become this holding tank of all we used to be, what we hoped we would become and more. By letting go of what no longer serves, we clear the space to allow room for who we are today, and for what’s true at the core.

3. Authentic Expression

Your style is your way of being. So why not make it come from the core? Rather than following what others say about how you should look or be, stick with what you know. Because the fact is, the more real you can be in who you are and how you look, the easier it will be to share it with the world. It’s you. And it looks fabulous.

4. Total Confidence

Anyone can wear confidence. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, color or age you are because when you have this one thing, you will always look your best. Sure, it helps to have a good understanding of what flatters your figure, but when you own your look….strong! it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. It’s HOW you wear it! What’s the attitude behind the outfit? When you relay a message of confidence – people will pay attention. Because we all want some of that! When you’re confident you don’t care about being in style. You’ve defined your own style.

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